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Requests for Proposals

Informal Solicitation # APD 2014-01: Pre-Sentence Report Review and Evaluation

The San Francisco Adult Probation Department (“APD”) invites proposals from qualified firms to assist APD in reviewing and evaluating Pre-Sentence Reports (“PSRs”) prepared by APD, including all of the services described in the Informal Solicitation (“Project”). The selected Proposer must review and evaluate PSRs submitted to the court over a six month period, and the associated case files, to develop a comprehensive report on the quality of the PSRs, their reflection of APD policies, goals and practices (particularly related to Family-Focused and Gender-Responsive goals and practices), the inclusion and quality of associated Family Impact Statements, and the resulting sentences imposed by the court. The report must also include recommendations, as appropriate, for adjustments to be made to the PSR itself, PSR training, and opportunities for better adherence to Family-Focused goals and practices.

New Deadline for Proposals 12pm PT on 5/30/14.

APD welcomes your questions and proposals in accordance with the requirements stated in the solicitation.

The Solicitation can be found here: Informal Solicitation # APD 2014-01: Pre-Sentence Report Review and Evaluation.

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