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February 3, 2010

Environmental Committee - February 3, 2010

SFATF Environmental Mtg. Minutes 2/3/10, 1:30 -3:30 pm


1390 Market St., Suite 410 in the Children's Environmental Health Promotion, Environmental Health Section, San Francisco Department of Public Health.


Introductions & Review Agenda

Attendees: Karen Cohn, Herman Cowan, Rene Gonzalvez, Cynthia Knowles, Sraddha Mehta, Krista Ward

Dollar Store update

Funding available for shelf talker following first event

For first event, focus on promotion (flyer and newspaper ads)

Employees available to hang flyers in local businesses

Need liability form for baking soda give-aways. Format: Waver of liability that everybody signs.

Questions for Dollar Store

o Are they able to stock 200 boxes of baking soda for which they can submit reimbursement claims for several months (each claim may take 2-3 weeks for reimbursement)?

Future trade-out events could take place at Cole hardware and other hardware stores


Planning response to EcoLogo

Need to clarify GS-37 does it prohibit chemicals on AOEC list designated AR & ARr or just AR?

Agreed to send letter to EcoLogo (affirmative response to Q22 in Dec 7, 2009 EcoLogo Discussion Document revision of hard surface cleaners: CCD-146)


Discussion re: reducing consumer exposure to ammonia

Support for warning if referenced

Need for Toxics Use Reduction Committee following SFATF sunset to enforce any ordinance on cleaning product warning


Housing Authority and IPM update

Plans for training moving forward.

Need to follow-up with Northeaster training center following late Feb call with SFHA

Can mold be included as a pest from a micro-organism perspective? Are HA using cameras and would they be able to share them? Also, would Mayors Office of Housing be able to share camera?


RAMP Grant update

Grand opening 2/6/10

Collected materials for distribution at event


Additional updates

New evidence suggesting thyme-oil based products are connected to asthma need further research. Also, evidence suggests current regulations for bleach in child care sites only kill bacteria, not viruses. Need 3X concentration for 5 minutes for viruses.

EJ Grants from Dept of Env due 2/22. RFP will be forwarded to SFATF.

Discussion on training and utilizing Env Now Program Employees





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