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January 6, 2010

Environmental Committee - January 6, 2010

SFATF Environmental Mtg. 1/6/2010, 1:30 -3:30 pm

1390 Market St., Suite 410 in the Children's Environmental Health Promotion, Environmental Health Section, San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Attendees: Karen Cohn, Cynthia Knowles, Kate Lorenzen, Karen Licavoli-Farnkopf, Krista Ward, Rene Gonzalvez, Sara Shortt, Sabrina Adler

  • Introductions including organizations structures and main programs

Meeting attendees introduced themselves highlighting work as it relates to 2009/2010 RAMP grant

  • Overview of RAMP grant (Work plan, Evaluation Plan, Budget/Finance, RAMPs resources for grant implementation)
    • Highlighted work completed to date including training for staff and volunteers
    • Outreach:
      1. 500 post-cards printed, ~ 150 remaining. Post cards left at local BVHP hardware stores. Distribute to service providers in BVHP as well as mayors office of neighboring services, BVHP shuttle, etc. Perhaps do another printing, less pictures, bilingual text
      2. Need to work on flyer that can be easily photocopied
      3. While work has already started, Grand Opening event may bring in more participants.
      4. Promote on KPOO show. Bilingual interviews with Tommy and Kamila
    • Evaluation How do we show this is a best practice for other communities to implement?
      1. Focus groups with programs leaders
      2. Outcome will be reflected in policy recommendations (small scale get HA to use resources they already have, large scale increase funding for structural repairs). How do you evaluate strength of recommendations? Ask leaders: What does this mean for your community? Do you think this project has made a difference in the community?
      3. Interview staff & volunteers about change in knowledge and behavior as a result of project
      4. Develop tool to assess community engagement.
      5. Other interesting eval questions: Among those who identified as a leader, what were the facilitators and barriers to participation? What makes community participation effective? What made people believe they could make change? Perhaps add to intake survey: Do you believe you can make change?
    • Budget any changes need to happen before June

Updates (Dollar Stores, Green Seal, SFHA process, DPH-EH healthy housing activities, etc)

As decided during our December conference call, we will find a date to meet with Sophie Maxwell and the housing authority.

Krista & Cynthia are meeting Dollar Store Manager at 16th and Mission to ask questions outlined in November minutes. Post meeting note: Tentative Date Set for May 27th for product exchange. Next steps: Work on incentives for exchange, draft shelf talker, secure funds to print shelf talker, publicize event (perhaps through Bryan Gabel), use event as model for other dollar stores to implement in May.

WVE is supportive of Green Seal Letter. Krista & Cynthia are also working on letter of support for Senate Bill 1697.

Next steps

Meeting @ Ramp January20th.

Full Task Force Meeting Jan 25th

Next Env Committee Meeting Feb 3rd

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