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June 9, 2010

Environmental Committee - June 9, 2010

EnvironmentalCommittee Minutes
June 9, 2010
1:30 -3 pm
1390 Market St.,Suite 410


1) Introductions & Updates

a.      HERC to begin working in schools inthe fall and will f/u with schools committee to make sure asthma-relatedefforts are coordinated

b.     Dept of Env applying for RAMP Legacy III grant and will f/uwith committee members involved in Housing Authority/IPM work.

c.      Dept of Env senttwo letters of support re: SB928.

d.     CAFA III funding is ending.  BCGGPHPstaff time will be reduced however staff will continue to participate asan active member of SFATF.

2) Complete proposal forWalgreen's District Manager for policy change/consumer education re:cleaning products and asthmagens

·       Made editsto proposal including requesting display of an “asthma safe list”instead of “asthma scores of products sold in store.” Research onproducts marketed as green should be finalized by the end of July.  Taskforce members need to f/u and re-inventory Safeway, Walgreens, etc forproducts marked as green.  Also need to identify funding for printingfactsheets.  During meeting with Walgreen’s manager, highlight pastexperience working with local Walgreens stores (overall support,concerns re: shelf space, etc).

·       Discussedupdating “Easy and Safe Cleaning Products” to exclude vinegar. Conclusion – the current recipes are safer alternatives for the generalpublic.  Instead of excluding vinegar, create disclaimer about vinegarand citric acid for people with asthma.

3) GS-8 update

GS responded to requestto update GS8 to GS37 standards with information regarding their newGS-52 (specialty products), GS48 (Laundry products) and GS50 (personalcare products).  They requested SFATF involvement in the communitydiscussions re: these new standards.  While they appreciated interest inupdating GS8, they indicated the need for additional funding to moveforward with recommendations.


4) Next meeting scheduled July 14th 1:30-3pm. Tentative agenda: 1) Walgreens update 2) RAMP grant update 3)Northeastern Training Center Update

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