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March 17, 2010 SPECIAL MEETING

Environmental Committee - March 17, 2010

SFATF Environmental Mtg. 3/17/2010, 1:30 -3:30 pm

1390 Market St., Suite 410 in the Children's Environmental Health Promotion, Environmental Health Section, San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Attendees: Sarah Aird, Karen Cohn, Cynthia Knowles, and Krista Ward

1. Introductions Welcomed new staff member from Californians for Pesticide Reform, Sarah Aird. Reviewed past work on Bed Bugs including SF APT association article and responses to Bay Guardian and SF Chronicle:

2. Dollar Store update & next steps including targeting new dollar stores & reviewing draft educational sheets and flyer

Partner store on 16th and Mission has gone out of business. Need to identify new store for product exchange. Additional work needed on sorting data from product research and creating presentable form for public. Ideas included creating a wallet card similar to fish campaign and an iphone application. What have other researchers done to assign numerical values to irritants?

3. Housing Authority update

IPM training scheduled May 13th. Committee members will continue to be in touch with NorthEastern Training Center to identify support roles for training and following pilot project

4. RAMP project update

19 surveys collected to date. 12 respondents had asthma, 9 had signs of mold in unit, 7 had plumbing problems or leaks in their unit, and 10 had condensation on window pains. Other common responses were 8 reported noise that causes stress inside building; 5 had cracks or holes in unit floors, 12 reported using pesticides in their units (pests included rats, mice, roaches and termites); 5 identified themselves as leaders in the community.

5. Proposal to sign on to Safer Chemicals Health Families Petition Approved.

6. Additional items New biomonitoring project beginning (collaboration between UCSF, UCBerkeley & SFGEN). WVE will sign onto GS8 letter.

7. Closing

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