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February 22, 2010 Planning Comt. monthly mtg.

Full Task Force - February 22, 2010


San Francisco Asthma Task Force

Monthly Planning Committee Meeting

February 22, 2010




A. Committee Issues

  1. Schools Committee
    1. Anjali will contact Cynthia about disposal options for cleaning products. (On website – Our Work, In Homes)
  2. Environmental Committee
    1. RAMP Grant

· Grand opening of renter’s rights clinic was on Feb 6th. About 30 attendees. About 4 follow up appointments were made for the first day of clinic.

· About 300 flyers were sent out to get the word out and get clients in the door.

    1. Moving forward with training of SF Housing Authority staff on IPM; Northeastern Training Center will monitor for one year. Focus on cockroaches. Head of Maternal Child Health helped make connections.
    2. Tentatively set date for training at a dollar store in the Mission. Would be a pilot. SFE will help create tear-off sheets and information on asthma.
    3. Talked about opportunity to create educational videos through Breathe.
    4. Nan is looking for videos to show in waiting rooms.
  1. Clinical Committee
    1. Kaiser Grant: Your Clinic As an Agent of Change – had first motivational training at St. Anthony’s on smoking cessation with Steve Smith.
    2. CPMC Grant: Making the Patient a part of the Team – to be focused on Silver Ave.; First training on Feb 24th Asthma 101 and NIH Guidelines, March 31st Communications. David and Lisa are providing bi-lingual patient education, home visits, environmental teaching.
    3. Common theme is “meet people where they’re at”
    4. 3 UC Berkeley graduate students would develop an implementation plan for private practice in response to CPMC grant.
    5. Collected a lot of data and info from Asthma Network Updates


B.Anjali provided an update on the work of the tobacco-free project’s proposed amendment to strengthen SF’s.

  • Members agreed to submit a letter of support
  • Anjali will draft and submit to Gloria


C. World Asthma Day – brainstorm of ideas

Honoring partners-

-Toxic use reduction partners

-Child care pilot sites

-Dollar store

-SFUSD – custodial staff (April training?)

-Andrea Crosby

-Can do a Health Commission Presentation to give them a heads up about ATF

sunset. It’s been two years since report. – agreed to do in the future when we are

ready to articulate message

- Think ahead about what we want the Health Dept. to be responsible

-Report card being released

-Can show achievements and progress in all areas of work

  • Agreed that focus of WAD can be the dollar store event
  • Can do a press release on IPM training with SFHA
  • October – IAQ month – might be good to highlight RAMP grant and tie in to Hope SF


Future Meetings and Schedule

-Discussed doing away with monthly meetings and using quarterly meetings more effectively to look at bigger picture. Agreed to just hold quarterly meetings. Other meetings as needed.

-Committees are strong and can continue to move forward with work and monthly meetings

-Sue indicated that other coalitions are going through similar issues but we are on a good path

-2011 is our 10th Anniversary!

-DPH, MCH and CEHP are key allies for sustainability of SFATF


KPOO Radio Series

-no new updates

-Seems like time availability is an issue


Clinical Updates from Breathe California

-Asthma Certification Review Course being offered in Northern Counties

-Better Breathers at SFGH

-COPD course now available


April Quarterly Meeting Agenda

  • Membership Updates
  • Committee Updates (5 mins each)
  • Planning for World Asthma Day and check in on future activities to promote SFATF work
  • Discussion on Future Sustainability and Institutionalization

-Comment on Our Strategic Plan

-Presentation to Health Commission

-Presentation to Board of Supervisors

-Tracking our progress, accomplishments, future recommendations



Anjali contact Herman about:


-Future meetings of Enviro, Schools, Qtly


Contact Sabrina about Membership


Nominate Andrea for Health Commission Award






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