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January 25, 2010

Full Task Force - January 25, 2010


San Francisco Board of Supervisors Asthma Task Force



Monday, January 25, 2010

2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

San Francisco City Hall, Rm 278

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, SF CA 94102






Attendees: Karen Cohn, Cynthia Knowles, Amy Dietz, Yeva Johnson, Peg Strub, Gloria Thornton, Marie Hoemke, Krista Ward, Sue Watson;


Welcome and Housekeeping Items

No quorum



Guest Speaker

SFDPH, Director of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH)

- Current projects include Chlamydia, peri-natal and infant health, oral health, children with special needs, mental health and adolescent health. Partnering with Pediatric Advisory Committee. While asthma is not a current priority for maternal child health dept, decreasing health disparities is. There is a new child health disability program medical director who is interested in asthma.

Yeva Johnson



Presentation on Child Care Project to Reduce the Overuse of Bleach

Powerpoint presentation reviewing project to reduce overuse and misuse of bleach. Phase 1 identified barriers for child care providers to correctly use bleach including:

· Wrong bottles

· Pumps that are the wrong size or have springs which corrode in 1 month

· Bleach solutions not changed daily

· Inconsistent wait time (need 2 minutes)

· Lack of pre-cleaning

· No protective gear

· Bleach sold at 5.2% concentrate instead of 6%



Materials from project can be viewed online


Discussed need to resolve doubts about bleach, determine if thyme and peroxide based products are asthma-safe, hygiene hypothesis and asthma, connection between childcare project and TfS, and how to raise issue beyond SF and CA.



Revisit SFATF Fund Raising Priorities (20 min.)

1. $100K - Child Care Project Staff - NOW - through 2012?

-Seed money received to support child care project. Need additional money in order to retain staff. Currently looking for UCSF partner for service learning project to support child care work.

2. $80K – SFATF staff Salary - June 2010-June 2011 at least – in process of submitting SFF grant which would support .25 FTE to move forward policy recommendations from childcare project.

3. $80K? - 0.5 FTE of SFUSD TfS Coordinator (Jackie) position - June 2010 – 2015 –Need for funding is currently unknown

4. $150K – Clinical Patient Educator (visiting educator model) -9-10 Americorp positions to do Asthma education at clinic sites - 2010-2011. – Currently looking into support from UC Berkeley MPH students to complete needs assessment and program plan.

5. Social Marketing Campaign – Need funding to support KPOO project and similar educational outreach campaigns

6. BVHP – Funding needed to sustain current work and move forward recommendations that come out of HRCSF intakes.



Fundraising Plans

-Letter writing campaigns – review suggested list, hear concerns/ideas, solicit help from ATF members with connections or writing. Tabled until next meeting

-Collaborative planning for Wine/Food tasting and/or community education event with other CAFA coalitions. Need full task force support. Members expressed need to decrease SFATF commitments instead of increasing them. Staff will participate on CAFA calls either Feb 8th (10-11) for wine/food event or 2/11 (10-11) for community education event.

-Grant writing – update (SFF, CA Wellness not approved), other grant possibilities? – see above.


Karen C.


Krista Ward













ATF Committee Updates i.e. 3 min. per committee or project)

-Environmental committee met with Housing Authority (HA) director and is moving forward project to train HA staff on IPM. Need to identify HA site with largest asthma burden.

-Clinical committee needs to sort through data from last year about what is needed for future network meetings. Begin planning after 2/27 for possible meeting next May or June

World Asthma Day Planning –tabled for next meeting. Possible focus on toxics use reduction.


-KPOO – waiting for next available dates
-RAMP training including why clinics should use spirometry scheduled for April 17th.

-BAEHC testified at Air Quality District Board meeting to ask Board to support greater restrictions in highly impacted communities, as it adopts CEQA air quality thresholds and New Source Review rules








Other Announcements and Public Comment













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