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July 26, 2010

Full Task Force - July 26, 2010

Full Asthma Task Force Meeting

City Hall Room 278

July 26, 2010


Meghan Petrich (SFHP)
Nan Madden (SFGPH Pediatric Asthma Clinic)
Marie Hoemke (Parent of a Child with Asthma)
Janine Young (SFDPH Environmental Health)
Anjali Nath (Breathe California)
Sue Watson (RAMP)
Traina Scott (BVHP)
Luz Agana (SFDPH)

Added to Agenda: Pediatric Asthma Program

Funding Updates
California Endowment Funding is ending so funding for staff ends July 31st. Anjali will continue to participate actively as a representative of Breathe California.

Clinical Committee received 4th Kaiser Community Benefits grant – to train 2 Americorp volunteers to serve as asthma educators for safety net clinics

Guest Speaker, Luz Agana, SFDPH/SFATF – Presentation on Reducing the Overuse of Bleach Pilot Project

Committee Updtates
Environmental Committee Update:

Clinical Committee Update
1. Kaiser Grant – interviewed 16 possible candidates for Americorp volunteers, to work in consortium clinics or Health Dept. clinics and 2 practices in Daly City and Bayview. Partnering with SF Community Consortium.
2. From CPMC there is an extension of research as SFGH; surveys of gone out; one focus group; moving ahead with the second research project. Should expect the initial report: Providers do not have the time and educators can do initial 40 minutes. Did not uncover much information about socioeconomic factors as expected. Findings should be included in final SFATF report. Surveys are for patients with asthma who were hospitalized for asthma during a specific point in time. Nan will forward surveys on to Peg.
3. November 5th is next Asthma Network – want to do a piece around communication using LEARN Model. Dr. Carol Miller, pediatrician, is scheduled. Professor of Peds. At UCSF, teaches residents/medical students. Have learned that primary care providers as target audience has not been met.

Schools Committee Update
1. Asthma Management - still working to get a better sense of the number of students with asthma. May be opportunities to Will schedule a joint Schools/Clinical meeting to develop an improved care plan and discuss priorities of SFATF and SFUSD. Could it say that the form stands until a changed form submitted? Can we get an exception for asthma? Peg talked about getting coaches a supply of albuterol to have on hand. Getting spacers or something so albuterol can be shared. Also, is there a standing order that patients can sign off on (State)? Food allergies is an issue that also needs to be discussed.
2. Could Jackie do a presentation at October meeting focused on TfS project?
3. Peg asked if it’s possible for SFUSD to host a mandatory course/curriculum for everyone on asthma, obesity, PE, high blood pressure.

Preparing for ATF Sunset June 2011 - tabled

Announcements and Public Comment
1. Janine Young - SF Health Code Article 19F was expanded as an amendment. Signed by Mayor April24th, went into effect April 25th. Expands prohibition of smoking in major outdoor venues, farmers markets, charity bingos, common areas of multi-unit housing. Smoking is allowed at the curb. Janine is designing an enforcement program, funded by Tobacco Free Project for 3 years. Janine is currently working to educate people about ordinance. Tracking smoking complaints through 311. Going to launch into IAQ issues re smoking in the home. Researching tobacco smoke in the home. Ensuring signs are posted, especially at transit stops. No Smoking at transit stops. Contact Janine at ________
2. Nan - two NP students from Samuel Merritt who are working through a fellowship program to support pediatric asthma services. Working with SFGH and HERC.

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