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July 22, 2013

Scheduled Meetings

(1) The Asthma Task Force community coalition is scheduled to meet twice during 2012, on the 4th Monday of the month:

July 22, 2013, from 2:30-4:30 pm
At Fox Plaza, Suite 910, 1390 Market Street (SFDPH Environmental Health Library Conference Room)

Meeting Agenda
2:30 pm 
Schools and Early Education Program (SFUSD) Committee 
• Update on Asthma Nurse Mary Jue’s activities 
• Update on implementation of Board of Education resolution on Green Cleaning Policy 
• Update on Tools for Schools & Jackie Chan’s position 

3:00 pm 
Environmental Committee 
• Completion of SF Dept. of the Environment SF Healthy Homes CDC REACH grant project in BVHP 
• Continued implementation of integrated pest management pilot projects in SF Housing Authority developments 
• Report back on Healthy Housing Trainings completed by Janet Tobacman, CDPH and Karen Cohn, SFDPH 
• Scheduled completion of Bleach-free Child Care project implementation 

3:30 pm 
Clinical Committee 
• Planning for October 2013 Asthma Network meeting at Kaiser facility 
• Publication and distribution of SFGH Pediatric Hospitalization study 
• Update on Mirant-funded Asthma Educator positions at PHHC (Katie Allen) and SFGH Pediatric Asthma Clinic (new hire) 

4:00 pm 
Miscellaneous Topics and Public Comment 
• PCORI grant application w/UCSF as lead applicant 

past Agendas | Minutes 

All members of the public are welcome to attend. Contact karen.cohn@sfdph.org if you wish to be added to an email announcement list.

(2) The ATF Clinical Committee -Chair, Peg Strub, MD; past Agendas | Minutes The Clinical Committee convenes as part of the Asthma Task Force meeting above, as well as 
monthly on the 4th Monday of the month as needed to plan Asthma Network events.
Contact gloria.thornton@wellpoint.com if you wish to be added to an email announcement list

As Needed Meetings

(3) The ATF Environmental Committee - Chair, Karen Cohn; past Agendas | Minutes
The Environmental Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Contact karen.cohn@sfdph.org if you wish to be added to an email announcement list.

Contact Anne Eng at (415) 355-3735, anne.eng@sfgov.org, if you wish to become involved in the SF Healthy Homes Project, which includes the strategic issue area to "Educate the community to prevent chronic health inequities such as asthma, heart disease and perinatal mortality".

(4) The ATF Schools Committee (SFUSD K-12 and Early Education Program) - Chair, Marie Hoemke;  past Agendas | Minutes
The Schools Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Contact mhoemke7@msn.com if you wish to be added to an email announcement list.

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