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Resources for Healthy Homes


1. Controlling Asthma Triggers

Additional resources for controlling asthma triggers in the home


2. Mold Prevention

Asthma Task Force flyer "How to stop mold before it starts" - (English, pdf) - (Chinese, pdf) - (Spanish, pdf)


3. Safer Housecleaning


Promoting Safer Housecleaning
Asthma Task Force flyer "Keep your family healthy by keeping a healthy home" - (English, pdf) - (Chinese, pdf) - (Spanish, pdf)

Easy and Safe House Cleaning
Download SF Dept. of the Environment's factsheets "Easy & Safe Cleaning" in English, Spanish and Chinese

4. Safer Pest Control

Promoting Safer Pest Control and Reduced Use of Pesticide in Homes
Task Force flyer "Keep pests out of your home" - (English, pdf) - (Chinese, pdf) - (Spanish, pdf)

How to Dispose of Toxic Products from Your Home

5. SF Code Enforcement for Habitable Housing

Additional resources for using San Francisco code enforcement agencies

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