Use These In-Person Asthma Education and Prevention Services


The following educational services are available to the public, regardless of health care coverage:

  1. SFGH Community Wellness Center at 1001 Potrero Ave, across from the Cafeteria, 2nd floor

  2. Stop Smoking Programs in San Francisco; Listing includes Stop Smoking Program located at San Francisco General Hospital;
    Classes in Building 30, Room 3208,
    1001 Potrero Avenue, SF 94110; telephone 415-206-6074; fax 415-206-8803;

  3. Chinese Community Health Resource Center provides asthma management classes and library, English and Cantonese, as well as
    Chinese language website with AV and print resources; telephone 415-677-2473

  4. Bayview Hunters Point Health and Environmental Resource Center (HERC) provides asthma education to BVHP residents and to SFUSD schools in zip code 94124; telephone 415-468-4372