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Article XIV: Bicycle Advisory Committee


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Sec. 5.130. Bicycle Advisory Committee Established.

Sec. 5.131. Organization and Terms of Office.

Sec. 5.132.Powers and Duties.


     (a)     There shall be established a Bicycle Advisory Committee (hereinafter Advisory Committee) of the City and County of San Francisco. This Advisory Committee, composed of concerned and informed residents, will provide the best single source of expertise and perspective for transportation planners. Effective planning is the key to reducing reliance on automobiles, and, in turn, the ultimate solution to the broad environmental crisis we presently face.

     (b)     The Advisory Committee shall consist of 11 voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Each member of the Board of Supervisors shall nominate one person for appointment to the Advisory Commission. The Advisory Committee shall provide information to the Board of Supervisors on the diversity of the Advisory Committee with regard to the age, ethnicity, gender, disability and sexual orientation of its members.

     (c)     In addition to the 11 voting members, the following City departments will each provide a non-voting representative to attend Advisory Committee meetings: the Police Department, the Department of Public Works, the Municipal Railway, the Department of City Planning, and the Bureau of Engineering of the Department of Parking and Traffic. The Board of Supervisors also requests that the San Francisco Unified School District and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area each be asked to send a non-voting representative to the Advisory Committee. (Added by Ord. 365-90, App. 11/9/90; amended by Ord. 179-02, File No. 020968, App. 8/29/2002)


     (a)     The term of each member of the Advisory Committee shall be two years or for the tenure of the supervisor who nominated the member, whichever is sorter in duration; provided:

     (1)     The Board of Supervisors may remove any member of the Advisory Committee for cause at any time; and

     (2)     The Board of Supervisors may remove any member of the Advisory Committee without cause at any time upon request of the supervisor who nominated the member whose removal is sought.

     (b)     At the initial meeting of the Advisory Committee, and yearly thereafter, the Advisory Committee members shall select such officers as deemed necessary by the Advisory Committee.

     (c)     The Advisory Committee shall establish rules and regulations for its own organization and procedures and shall meet when necessary as determined by the Advisory Committee. All meetings shall, except as provided by law, be open to the public. (Added by Ord. 365-90, App. 11/9/90; amended by Ord. 179-02, File No. 020968, App. 8/29/2002)


     The Advisory Committee shall have the power and duty to:

     (a)     Set up subcommittees as necessary;

     (b)     Develop a plan for bicycle-related improvements, including but not limited to bicycle routes, secure parking, and transit interface, and make recommendations to the Parking and Traffic Department, the Transportation Authority, and the Board of Supervisors on related funding from local, State and Federal agencies, including, but not limited to Transportation Development Act funds and Transportation Authority funds;

     (c)     Review the policies and programs related to bicycling in the Transportation Element of the Master Plan of the City and County of San Francisco, and make recommendations on the goals and their implementation to the Planning Commission of the City and County of San Francisco;

     (d)     Develop a plan for outreach to, and education of, the public to promote the safe sharing of public roadways, and submit the plan to the Transportation Authority. (Added by Ord. 365-90, App. 11/9/90)

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