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December 16, 2013

Bicycle Advisory Committee - December 16, 2013


Thursday December 16, 2013

6:30 p.m.

City Hall, Room 408

Regular Meeting


1. Roll Call – Determination of Quorum

Present: District 1 - Kevin Dole, District 3 - Marc Brandt, District 5 - Morgan Fitzgibbons, District 6 - Richard May, District 7 - Bert Hill, District 8 - Tim Doherty, District 10 - Micah Allen, District 11 - Casey Dos Santos-Allen

The meeting was called to order at 6:42

2. Announcements & Acknowledgments

  • Resignation of Lena Nsomeka-Gomes, District 9
    • Chair Hill: Sup. Campos’ office says that another person has expressed interest in the D9 seat.
  • Micah Allen has been seated as District 10 representative. Welcome!
  • May: The new building at 1401 Market St has gone beyond the bike parking requirement for new structures, with a dedicated bike repair room on the property.

3. Approve Minutes - October 24, 2013 BAC Meeting

Motion: Fitzgibbons

Second: Allen

The minutes were approved.

4. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

5. Chairman's Report

  • There is a committee opening in District 9 following the resignation of Nsomeka-Gomes
  • There has been no progress on the requirements of the Civil Grand Jury since last meeting.
  • Next year, the California Association of Bicycling Organizations will begin advocating for a state level change in the speed limit in residential areas.
  • There was Budget Hearing on 12/4. Approximately $20 million will be available for CTA projects, including bicycles. The decision making process looks to be highly contentious.

6. Committee Member Reports

  • Dos Santos Allen: The bike lanes on Bayshore Blvd are progressing after repaving, with “cat tracks” in place

7. Governmental Reports

a. MTA Bicycle Program Report

  • Ben Jose has been assigned as the new MTA contact for the Committee. He is a public relations officer in the Liveable Streets division, working on bicycle and pedestrian traffic calming as well as school safety.
  • To date 82% of the Bike Plan has been completed. 11 Projects remain including some in progress like Bayshore, Cesar Chavez, and Oak and Fell.
  • No additional funding will be available for sharrows until the 2014 - 2019 fiscal cycle. Should know by March 2014 and will report back to Committee.
    • Hill: No regulatory requirement says that sharrows are only available on the bike network. Committee would like to be able to nominate locations for sharrows where cyclists ride off-network.
  • The Fell Street bike lane is being repaved with full implementation of the design during 2014.
  • Polk St: The final streetscape recommendations will be released to the public in 2014.
  • From January to November 2013 over 300 bike racks were installed with another 582 “in progress.” A long term study on bike parking solutions has been posted to the SFMTA website ( )
  • Bike count: 96% growth from 2006 - 2013, at the same 21 intersections. 14% growth 2011 - 2013. Mode share report incomplete, latest figure on bike is 3.5% of all trips.
    • May requested information on the length of the trips.
    • Fitzgibbons requested Mode Share report ETA
  • Doherty: How has funding attitudes changed from 2006 to 2013?
    •  Jose: MTA is moving to more complete streets projects that feature bike elements like Chavez repavement as opposed to bike specific projects.
    •  Allen: Requested timeline on Chavez.
  • Final striping on Bayshore anticipated complete by early 2014.
  • Folsom pilot project anticipated complete by end of 2013.
    •  Hill: Long term plans for Folsom? Possible conversion into two-way?
    •  Jose: SFMTA has larger plan for SOMA, which includes Folsom. due in 2015.
  • Bike Share plans for 2014. Another 15 stations and 150 bikes will be expanded into the last stages of pilot by early to mid-2014. BAAQMD has released preliminary stats: 80,000+ rides, 3200 annual members, 1,000 causal members from August to November 2013. Numbers are system wise but the majority of ridership is in SF.
    •  May requested the mileage and time length of the ride.
    •  Allen requested info on the CityCarShare electric bike program.
    •  Doherty requested information on performance of individual stations and demographics of participants.
  • Over 700 free lights were given out to cyclists to promote safety and visibility.
    •  Hill advocated giving reflectors out, which are also required and are far more cost effective.


  • Edward Hasbourck: The bike count is reflective of failure to implement “Transit First” policy. Bikes and pedestrians should be included in all routine traffic counts.

b. BART Task Force – Dr. Shirley Johnson

1. The BART ban on bicycles was lifted on 12/1. There have been no negative reports since then.

2. Members of the BART Task Force reviewed a mockup of a new BART car design on November 11. The new design would hold three bikes per car. The new cars will become part of the system in 2017.

    •  Committee members discussed shortcomings of the proposed design. The proposed racks won’t accommodate bikes with front racks, baskets, or fenders. The Committee advocated that the racks feature grommets to allow cyclists to use their own bungee cords.

3. Bylaws for the Task Force has been reviewed by BART legal and will be subject to vote at the February 2014 meeting. The Task Force will also vote on officers.

    •  Hill: How are Task Force members are elected? Are they subject to term limits?
    •  Johnson: For the San Francisco seats, one will be selected by the Committee, the other by the SFBC. They are not subject to term limits.

4. BART Police have said no to posting pictures of known bike thieves on the website for various reasons. There is little interest in the issue on the BART Board.

c. Report on PSAC Joint Initiatives – Morgan Fitzgibbons

  • Fitzgibbons: Attended two meetings last month. No bicycle issues discussed so far.

d. SFPD Report on Safety and Security Issues – Officer Matthew Friedman, Park Station

  • No report.

e. Polk Street Working Group Progress – Richard May and Richard Tilles

  • No report.

8. Improvements to Bike Plan Sharrow Schedule

  • Chair Hill presented to the Committee a draft letter to MTA and CTA representatives regarding the delayed implementation of sharrows.

Motion: Dole

Second: Brandt

The letter was approved for communication.

9. Bicycle & Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Procedures

Action: Draft Resolution for Approval

Sponsor: Marc Brandt, District 3


Hasbourck: SFPD and the Police Commission will hold a joint hearing in January to look into the SFPD relationship with cyclists.

Motion: Fitzgibbons

Second: May

The Resolution was approved.

10. Change to Meeting Schedule for 2014

Action: Motion for Change of meeting dates in 2014 to the 4th Monday of each month, requiring a quorum vote.

Sponsor: Bert Hill, District 7

Motion: Dole

Second: Allen

The new meeting schedule was approved.

11. Public Distribution of Lights and Reflectors

Action: Resolution for Expansion of Light Giveaway to Include Reflectors

Sponsor: Bert Hill, District 7

Motion: Dole

Second: Dos Santos-Allen

12. Continuing Status Review on Spot Project Requests

Action: Assignment of Committee Member(s) to meet with MTA and re-establish current list

Sponsor: Bert Hill, District 7

  • Dole, Allen, and Dos Santos-Allen volunteered to meet with SFMTA to establish a new protocol for Spot Projects.
  • A list of sharrow requests will be prepared as a subset to the main project list.

13. Adjournment

Motion: Fitzgibbons

Second: Dole

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM



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