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October 24, 2013

Bicycle Advisory Committee - October 24, 2013


Regular Meeting

Thursday, October 24, 2013
6:30 p.m.
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place (Polk Street), Room 406


1. Roll Call – Determination of Quorum
Present: District 1 - Dole, District 2 - TIlles, District 3 - Brandt, District 5 - Fitzgibbons, Distrcit 6 - May, District 7 - Hill, District 9 - Nsomeka-Gomes, District 11 - Dos Santos-Allen

Absent: District 4 - Nicolson, District 8 - Doherty

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM

2. Announcements & Acknowledgments – Seating of Lena Nsomeka Gomes, District 9

Lena Nsomeka-Gomes joined the Committee. She has worked on bike advocacy campaigns in Boston, Oakland, and San Francisco, and worked as a legislative aide for Supervisor Chris Daly. She is interested in safety and accessibility.

3. Approve Minutes - September 26, 2013 BAC Meeting
Motion: Fitzgibbons
Second: Tilles

The minutes were approved.

4. Public Comment: (Discussion Item)
Edward Hasbourck: the Committee should request a report on the Transit First policies of SFPD and DA office. Transit First is charter level policy and should inform all departments.
Madeline Savit: update on activities of Folks for Polk. Facebook Q&A facebook with SFMTA Polk team. Pilot project for protected lanes on Polk scheduled for spring 2014. Requested Committee look into safety training policies of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.
Chair Hill: CPUC issues rules for rideshare companies. Will consider agenda item for next meeting. Suggest to PSAC as well.
Patrick Traughber: Acknowledged death of Cheng Jin Lai, 78 years old, on 10/18/2013. His is fourth SOMA bike death this year. 2013 is the deadliest year for cyclists in SF on record. How many bike lanes constructed in 2013 and how many injured?
Chair Hill: Info on collisions released on a yearly basis, not month to month. Injuries have increased dramatically in recent years.
Traughber: 2.2 miles of bike lanes in 2013. NYC installed 400 miles in 4.5 years.
Bert: Issue of scale, NYC vs. SF, also NYC has strong mayoral government: “nothing happens quickly around here.”
Savit: Philadelphia has made “extraordinary” parking reforms and installed bike paths despite equally complicated government.

5. Chairman's Report
There is a continued opening in District 1
Micah Allen: D10 resident, going through application process. Former Housing Authority Commissioner, member of Bike Kitchen. Worked on bike issues for A. Phillip Randolph Institute. Wants to see better bike routes in Bayview, will focus on outreach. Bikes need to be “reintroduced” to community.
Chair is still in correspondence on Civil Grand Jury issues. SFPD requested training has already been implemented despite having been subject of two Grand Jury reports. A response is being prepared for next meeting.

Hasbourck: SFPD is making a category error in safety enforcement, treating cyclists only bikes as perpetrators and not as victims.

6. Committee Member Reports (Information)
No reports.

7. Governmental Reports
a. MTA Bicycle Program Report

• Neal Patel:
• Community meeting for Folsom Street Pilot project. Approximately 80 people attended. Proposed project will remove one auto traffic lane to create room for improved bike and pedestrian safety infrastructure.
• “Green Waves,” signal timing adjustments planned Folsom, North Point and Arguello by Spring 2014.
• Bay Area Bike Share community meeting. 300 bike will be added. Service area will be expanded into Hayes Valley, Mission, and mission Bay. Still in analysis stages but anticipate installation by early next year.
• Tilles requested BABS data.
• Patel: difficult to coordinate regional system, data has been promised but released yet.
• Brandt: Alta has released data for DC bike share.
• Patel: issue is not presence of data but access. Layers of bureaucracy.
• Dole: GPS activated in BABS bikes yet?
• Ofc. Matt Friedman, SFPD: “Slowly coming online,” as per BABS mechanic.
• Patel: Bike lanes will be installed on Bayshore following repaving. Coordination with CALTRANS cause of delays.
• Potrero Ave is a priority route for transit through Transit Effectiveness Project. A community meeting will be held.
• Temporary pedestrian safety project on 6th st. Temporary bulb outs at five locations between Market and Howard.
• Fitzgibbons: Excited about what’s happening on Folsom - “why can’t we be more nimble more often?”
• Patel: issue of opportunity and demand. SFMTA has increased number of pilot projects in recent years.
• May: Attended community meeting and impressed by design. Spoke with Sup. Jane Kim. Kim is taking fatalities “very seriously.”
• Kyle Gephard and Chad Rathmann of County Transit Authority presented on CTA plans to administer Prop K tax revenues for cycling through 2040. Final plan expected to be adopted in December 2013.
• Total funds estimated at $75 billion. Over 80% committed already. Cycle funding will come from remaining $5 billion.
• Chair will put on next month’s agenda for further discussion.
• Nsomeka-Gomes: Happy to see that funding for bikes is tripled since cycling in SF is increasing. Diversity in outreach?
• Rathmann: Three open houses.Teamed up with 10 CBOS around city to host focus groups in designated “communities of concern.” Materials translated into Chinese, Taglog, Spanish, Russian. 

• Savit: Public input gathered through project outreach is often heavily skewed by “territorial” neighborhood groups as seen on Polk St. Would like to see integration of various funding streams as opposed to piecemeal patchwork approach.
• Traughber: advocated frontloading of funds.
• Chair: Prop K and funding for sharrows issue.
• Rathmann: grant only funded 1615 sharrows as opposed to 3000. Cost of sharrows has increased. 

b. BART Task Force – Dr. Shirley Johnson

• BART Board voted unanimously to allow bikes on BART at all times, except on the first three cars.
• BART Board Advisory Task Force has drafted bylaws for adoption. Once bylaws are approved by BART legal, they will be forwarded to the Committee.
• Mockups of new BART cars will be displayed at the Lake Merrit BART station on November 11.

• Dole: when does the bike rule change go into effect?
• Johnson: December 1st. The pilot will be extended until that date.
• Nsomeka-Gomes: Outreach to BART police? Lots of negative interaction between BART police and cyclists. Cyclists still get on first three cars.
• Johnson: Amendment advocating more rule enforcement. Unsure how will be implemented.
• Bert: Bike and bike component theft are common, increase cameras inside BART station gates? Place photos of repeat offenders online.
• Johnson: Task Force gets report from police every month, police come to every meeting. Pictures of thieves on BART website will be on agenda of next meeting. Will bring up camera issue. BART has been able to break up thief thief rings in the past.

c. Report on PSAC Joint Initiatives – Morgan Fitzgibbons & Tim Doherty

No report.

d. SFPD Report on Safety and Security Issues – Officer Matthew Friedman, Park Station

• Ofc. Frank Harrell acknowledged death of Cheng Jin Lai.
• Chair requested statistics on citations and how accurate they are.
• Ofc. Matt Friedman: citations direct from COMPSTAT. Every district leader responsible for uploading data. Latest available is September 2013.
• Discussion of enforcement along the Wiggle. 7442 traffic citation total. Friedman could only speak to Park Station data as is his District. 135 stop sign violations both bike and car district-wide, can’t separate out Wiggle.
• Bike offense numbers extremely low, only three September 2013. Stop sign offenses recorded same if regardless if bike or car. Will take back to Park district for discussion.
• Ofc. Harrell: traffic division recently adopted electronic tickets. Only 52 bike violation citywide. 15 from area that includes Wiggle, 16 from Tenderloin. Trial basis, process can be improved upon.
• May: Why majority violations in Tenderloin?
• Friedman: cycle violations such as riding on the sidewalk used as probable cause for stopping suspicious persons.
• May: Update on chopshop on Minnah?
• Friedman: Outside my district but taken pictures and sent off to Southern investigations team. Investigation ongoing.
• Harrell: Enforcement enhanced up in SOMA at 5 most dangerous intersections, lawbreaking motorists targeted.
• Chair: Update on Diana Sullivan death at 4th and King?
• Harrell: investigation closed.
• Chair: Dylan Mitchell death on South Van Ness?
• Harrell: determined to be fault of cyclist. New to city, not familiar with weather conditions, street was damp, going too fast.
• Chair: Amelie LeMoullac has been well-covered. Ching Jeng Lai?
• Harrell: bike overloaded with cans and plastic bottles. One of ther worst streets in the city.
• Fitzgibbons: Has enforcement on the Wiggle reduced cyclist/pedestrian collisions?
• Friedman: Enforcement in response to community complaint.
• Fitzgibbons: Bike/auto collision rates going up each year, 4 killed this year. Request reallocation to more dangerous areas like Folsom.
• Friedman: Up to captain of each district station to allocate resources. Community complaints taken very seriously. Invite to next Park Station community meeting - 2nd Tuesday each month at 6:30 Park Station in community room.
• Fitzgibbons called for an adult conversation on all sides to make streets safer for everyone.
• Chair: accurate stats necessary background for informed conversation.ons
• Friedman: brief update on Craig’s List stings over the past month.”Pretty successful.” Working with CL to get serial numbers online. Meeting with Vice Chancellor of Peralta School District in Oakland re: ending sale of bicycles at Laney Flea Market in oakland.
• May: what is charge in typical CL sting, misdemeanor or felony?
• Friedman: Not all stings result in charges. Context of incident needs to be taken into consideration. Sellers often middlemen. Need prove knowledge of stolen property. If value under $1000 misdemeanor, over $1000 is grand theft.


e. Polk Street Working Group Progress – Richard May and Richard Tilles

No report. 

8. Improvements to Bike Plan Sharrow Schedule

Tabled until next meeting.

9. Bicycle & Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Procedures 

• Chair suggested that Hasbourck and Brandt collaborate on wording for resolution.

Tabled for further discussion next month

• Traughber expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed Folsom project.Advocated for parking protected bike lane like on JFK Drive.

10. Change to Meeting Schedule for 2014

Discussion but no action.

11. Continuing Status Review on Spot Project Requests

No discussion.

Motion : Tilles
Second: Dos Santos-Allen

The meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM.

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