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Bicycle Advisory Committee - April 28, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Bicycle Advisory Committee - April 28, 2014

Monday April 28, 2014
6:30 p.m.
City Hall, Room 408

Regular Meeting



1. Roll Call – Determination of Quorum

Present: District 1 - Kevin Dole, District 2 - Richard Tilles, District 3 - Marc Brandt (7:25 arrival), District 4 - Edward Nicholson, District 5 - Morgan Fitzgibbons (6:40 arrival), District 6 - Richard May, District 7 - Bert Hill (Chair), District 8 - Timothy Doherty, District 11 - Casey dos Santos-Allen

Absent: District 10 - Micah Allen

Unseated: District 9

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM.

2. Announcements & Acknowledgments

There were no announcements.

3. Approve Minutes  - March 24, 2014 BAC Meeting

  • Motion: May
  • Second: Doherty

The minutes were approved unanimously.

4. Public Comment

Rev. Glenda Hope, Robin Brasso, and Gwynne Seidell of the San Francisco Older Women’s League ( addressed the Committee about creating a culture of civility and safety in San Francisco’s streets. OWLSF is working with SFMTA and Walk SF and requested the Committee’s support for mandatory registration of cyclists. The Committee discussed the  issue and decided not to pursue it. The Chair expressed support for better cyclist education and directed questions about the Bicycle Ambassador Program  to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

5. Committee Member Reports

Chairman's Report

The SF Bicycle Coalition chair has extended an invitation to the Committee attend 20th Annual Bike To Work Day Celebration at City Hall

Committee Member Reports

  • Dole acknowledged the passing of cyclist Harold Swaggard. Mr. Swaggard was struck by a car on March 19 and succumbed to his injuries on March 24.
    • Chair: Cmdr. Ali has said SFPD would share info on the incident. The Committee is interested in the cause of the incident, not finding fault.
  • Tilles highlighted confusing and misleading questions about cars parking the bike lanes on the California Driver’s Test
  • Nicholson briefed the Committee on hostile discussions about SF bike planning on Facebook.
  • Fitzgibbons:
    • Pro-parking advocated have proposed a “Transportation Balance” amendment to the Charter proposed for the November 2014 election.
    • Intersections on the Wiggle have been daylighted. Advocated for city-wide adoption.
  • May discussed  recent increase of MTA cycling budget from 1% of total budget to 2%.
  • Doherty:
    • Pavement at 18th and Sanchez near Church “ripples” dangerously.
    • Inquired about regular presence of SFBC representations at Committee meetings.
      • Brian Manford, an intern at the SFBC introduced himself.
  • dos Santos-Allen: Reported on his positive experience of using the new 311 app.

6. Governmental Reports

MTA Bicycle Program Report – Ben Jose

  • Doherty requested information about SFMTA daylighting projects outside the Wiggle.
  • Bayshore
  • Project is complete until Paul St. Green paint and soft hit posts anticipated soon. A possible community ride to celebrate opening is being discussed.
  • Dos santos-Allen noted that Bayshore is over covered in debris from heavy industrial use and request increased frequency of street cleaning.
  • Chair noted that all bike lanes in they City could benefit from more frequent street cleaning.
  • Polk Street Contraflow
  • Anticipated complete by Bike to Work Day 2014. Changes include pedestrian enhancements, landscaping, and some sewage work. When complete will be project 1 of 60 from the Bike Plan.
  • dos Santos-Allen requested the price of the contraflow project.
  • Jose said would get info from DPW and report back
  • Polk Streetscape Project.
  • Final public open house was held on 3/26 and was well-received. Project will be moving forward to review with construction anticipated in 2015.
  • On Street Bicycle Parking
  • Six bike racks were installed from January to March 2014.
  • The largest bike corral in an urban environment in US has been installed at Mission Cliffs on Harrison. 180 ft long, houses 54 bikes. Filled to capacity on the first day.
  • May asked if Mission Cliffs provided video surveillance of rack.
  • Doherty explained front of business has glass wall with many people entering and exiting on front of bis, constant people in and out. not long term parking
  • Bike Lockers at Parking Garages
  • Electronic lockers installed at three SFMTA garages: 5th & Mission, Sutter & Stockton, Ellis & O’Farrell. Total of 32 lockers installed.
  • Brandt: Payment scheme? Clipper card or ad hoc?
  • Jose: lockers have dedicated card, can sign up online or use on site.
  • Chair advocated for placement in high theft areas, especially in Western side of city at transit connections.
  • Outer Sunset Safe Routes to Schools Project.
  • Spot Improvement Projects
  • 6 work orders in next 2 - 3 weeks.
  • Spot improvements involve three programs: Liveable Streets, Comfort and Convenience, Wayfinding
  • Tilles request status of Masonic
  • Jose: Slated for 2015 construction, project not out to bid yet.

BART Task Force – Dr. Shirley Johnson

  • Models of the New BART cars are currently on tour and can be viewed online ( The Committee is encouraged to email the design team and advocate for inclusions of better labeling for bike accommodations including inlays and wall decals.

Report on PSAC Joint Initiatives - Fitzgibbons

  • Fitzgibbons was unable to attend either of the PSAC meetings in March. The PSAC Chair is leaving San Francisco and has resigned.

SFPD Report on Safety and Security Issues – Officer Matthew Friedman, Park Station

  • Not present – no report.

Polk Street Progress – Madeleine Savit, Folks for Polk

  • Not present – no report.

7. Resolution in support of the TDA (Transportation Development Act) request for FY 2014/15

The Committee reviewed the Motion as drafted by the Chair.

  • Motion: Dole
  • Second: Tilles

The motion passed unanimously.

8. Overview of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) – Committee recommendations on the 2015–2019 update, distributed in the February and March BAC meetings for review.

The Committee reviewed a Letter of Support for the CIP Process drafted by the Chair.

  • Motion: May
  • 2nd: dos Santos-Allen


  • Nicholson: CIP process was a marked improvement over last time when the Committee was notified at the last minute.
  • Chair requested Nicholson and Doherty draft letter articulating concerns about aspects of the plan

The Letter was unanimously approved.

9. Sharing Lanes with MUNI Vehicles


The Committee discussed areas throughout the City where dedicated bike lanes and MUNI passage come into conflict. Multiple examples were cited where MUNI drivers have used bike lanes to get around traffic congestion and where cyclists have used MUNI/taxi only lanes in high traffic areas where there are no bicycle lanes. This is particularly a problem along N/S routes. As cycling in the city increases such instances are expected to increase. The Chair will draft a formal request to SFMTA for a study on reciprocal sharing of bike/transit only lanes.

10. Continuing Status Review on Spot Project Requests

All concerns about Spot issues were addressed in the SFMTA report.

11. AB1371, Vehicles: Bicycles: Passing Distance Roadway Evaluation  

  • The Chair presented photographs of an area in the City where the new “three foot rule” signed into law in September 2013 comes into conflict with double-line no passing zones.
  • The Committee discussed other areas in the City that might present a similar conflict and discussed possible solutions.
  • Jose said SFMTA has no plans to redo any infrastructure to ease implementation of the “three-foot rule.”
  • The Chair will draft a letter to SFMTA requesting a study to investigate possible problem areas and investigate mitigation through signage and other measures.

12. MTA Policy on Application of Sharrow Treatments

  • The Chair advocated for sharrows on non-bike route streets for purposes of safety
  • Jose said he would bring something actionable to the Committee next month.
  • The Committee discussed ways to add sharrow input to the SFMTA website. Jose said that the website redesign is still under development with a contractor.

13. Adjournment

  • Motion: dos Santos-Allen
  • Second: Fitzgibbons

The meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM.

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