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Bicycle Advisory Committee - June 23, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Bicycle Advisory Committee - June 23, 2014

Monday June 23, 2014
6:30 p.m.
City Hall, Room 408
Regular Meeting



1. Roll Call – Determination of Quorum


PRESENT: District 1 - Kevin Dole, District 2 - Richard Tilles (Acting Chair), District 3 - Marc Brandt (7:01 arrival), District 5 - Morgan Fitzgibbons, District 9 - Amar Puri, District 11 - Casey dos Santos-Allen

ABSENT: District 4 - Ed Nicholson, District 7 - Bert Hill, District 8 - Timothy Doherty, District 10 - Micah Allen


The meeting was called to order at 6:45 PM. The Committee reviewed non-voting items until a quorum was reached at 7:01 when Marc Brandt arrived.


2. Announcements & Acknowledgments




3. Approve Minutes  - May 28, 2014 BAC Meeting


  • Motion: Fitzgibbons
  • Second: Brandt


The minutes were approved unanimously.


4. Public Comment: (Discussion Item)


Janice Li, SF Bicycle Coalition:

  • SFMTA held an open house for a buffered bike lane project st 6/25/14. (
  • As the Vehicle License Fee increase is no longer on the November 2014 ballot, the SFBC no longer requests the support of the Committee. SFBC will ask the Board of Supervisors to fill in the funding gap.
  • Recent success in SFBC education programming: all 75 shuttle drivers for Genentech received safety training. SFBC will reach out to other tech shuttles as well as Lyft, Uber and other ride share companies.
  • This year’s Golden Wheel honorees include Ofc. Matt Friedman and Dr. Shirley Johnson.
  • The Committee should address Caltrain issues. Caltrain bike care are regularly filled to full capacity and cyclists are frequently “bumped.” Caltrain is not addressing the issue even though cyclists account for 11% of Caltrain’s daily ridership. There is an open seat of the Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee.


5. Committee Member Reports


Chairman's Report

No report.


Committee Member Reports

  • District 1, Dole: Participated in Sunday Streets along the Great Highway. Noted new “Super Sharrows” and general infrastructure improvement around Sanchez/14th St/Market infrastructure around market.
  • District 5, Fitzgibbons: want s to draft a resolution advocating for daylighting every intersection in the City. Additional items addressed under PSAC report.
  • District 9, Puri: Met with SFBC District 9 organizer to get up on issues, hopes be bringing items to agenda soon.



6. Government and Community Reports

MTA Bicycle Program Report Ben Jose



  • Janice Li: “troubling” to hear bikes not allowed in transit. Contradicts what SFBC previously heard.
  • Jose advocate Cmdr Ali of SFPD traffic to address the Committee


BART Task Force Dr. Shirley Johnson

  • Bike racks on BART cars were very controversial at the 6/12/14 meeting of the BART board. Over 30 public comments and over an hour of deliberation. The board voted to postpone the vote until 2016.
  • A prototype of the new car is expected in Summer 2015.
  • dos Santos-Allen noted that there will be new BART commissioners before the vote comes up.
  • Tilles asked how involved Johnson is in Caltrain issues.
  • Johnson is heavily involved and advised the committee that Caltrain is not taking future increase in cycling into consideration when planning for new electric trains.
  • Brandt noted that Bay Area Bike Share docks and increased bike parking at Caltrain stations will not be sufficient replacement for increased bike room on cars.



Report on PSAC Joint Initiatives Morgan Fitzgibbons

PSAC issues covered during Committee Member Reports


SFPD Report on Safety and Security IssuesOfficer Matthew Friedman, Park Station

No report.


7. Full Funding of Vision Zero

Action: Discussion & Approval of a Joint Resolution with the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

Sponsor: Kevin Dole and Morgan Fitzgibbons, Districts 1&5, respectively.



  • PSAC Chair has reviewed the resolution and requested a slight modification in wording.
  • PSAC has delayed voting on the resolution until August 2 meeting.



  • Janice Li called for a for motor vehicle accident investigator in the office of the District Attorney. New York City has one.


8. Formation of a Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Department of Public Works

Action: Resolution in Support of Creation of DPW CAC

Sponsor: Kevin Dole, District 1



  • Gwendolyn Aragon, President of the Richmond Democratic Club, spoke to the Committee about the value of Citizen’s Advisory Committee’s in the political process and it’s relevance to DPW in particular. A similar resolution has been passed by the FDR Democratic Club, Richmond Democratic, and New Avenues Democratic Club. While DPW is not overseen by a Commission, feedback could get to DPW through a non-voting appointee to the CAC from the Planning Department.



  • Motion: Tilles
  • Second: Brandt


The resolution was passed unanimously.


9. Intersections of Concern  (Discussion Item)



  • Fitzgibbons discussed the need for sharrows on Fulton between Baker and Central in the aftermath of other street work. He used this as an example to inquire about the feedback process when “MTA gets it wrong”
  • Ben Jose, MTA, reviewed the current spot improvement process and advocated for the use of 311 in “a process oriented way” for projects outside of the spot criteria. Log numbers in 311 could be used for follow up through the MTA.
  • Dole called for creation of subcommittee to collect and log 311 calls for presentation at Committee meetings.


10. Adjournment


  • Motion: Brandt
  • Second: Morgan


The meeting adjourned at 8:31 PM

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