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Bicycle Advisory Committee - March 24, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Bicycle Advisory Committee - March 24, 2014


Monday, March 24, 2014

6:30 p.m.

City Hall, Room 408

Regular Meeting



1. Roll Call – Determination of Quorum

Present: District 1 - Kevin Dole, District 4 - Edward Nicholson, District 6 - Richard May, District 7 - Bert Hill (Chair), District 10 - Micah Allen, District 11 - Casey dos Santos-Allen

Absent: District 2 - Richard Tilles, District 3 - Marc Brandt, District 5 - Morgan Fitzgibbons, District 8 - Timothy Doherty

Unseated:  District 9

The meeting was called to order at 6:39 PM.


2. Announcements & Acknowledgments

There were no announcements.


3. Approve Minutes - February 24, 2014 BAC Meeting

●  Motion: May

●  Second: Allen

The minutes were approved unanimously.


4. Public Comment: (Discussion Item)

There was no public comment.


5. Committee Member Report:

Chairman's Report – The Chair attended the 3/13/14 meeting of the Board of Supervisors’ Audit and Oversight Committee and presented on the Recommendation 4.2 of the 2009-2010 Civil Grand Jury. The presentation was accepted by the Board and SFPD.

Committee Member Reports

●  Nicholson: Highway 35 near Lake Merced is confusing and dangerous. What looks like a bike lane abruptly dumps cyclists in a 50 mph zone with nowhere to go,

●  dos Santos-Allen: The newly striped bike lanes on Bayshore Blvd look great, providing cycle infrastructure almost all the way to the Hairball. The Polk St Contraflow lane is almost complete.

●  Richard: There is a very large divot in the bike lane on Polk St just North of Golden Gate. A cyclist recently had a seriou fall.

○  The Chair advised contacting DPW through 311.

●  Allen: Attended the 2/26/14 SFMTA Spot Improvement Workshop, enjoyed the process and looking forward to outcomes. Reports seeing a lot more cyclists on BART since the lift on the rush hour bike ban.

●  Dole: Also attended Spot Improvement Workshop at SFMTA. Process seems a marked improvement over previous handling of spot improvements. Participated in a breakout session focusing on entrances to Golden Gate Park. Highly recommend to other Committee members.


6. Governmental Reports

a. MTA Bicycle Program Report – Ben Jose



●  Jose: Green paint on W-bound Fell St was changed to Sharrows because motorists found it confusing.

○  Chair: Education of motorist can take a very long time. New programs should not be abandoned after a couple months, need better outreach needed.

●  Jose: Liveable Streets division looking at why so many people driving in bike lane esp on folsom, open to ideas from Committee

●  Chair: Request for review of markings for door zone inside bike lane on 17th St.

○  Jose: Three foot buffer law coming into effect, seems perfect time for outreach.

●  Chair: Request stats on component theft in parking garages.


b. BART Task Force – Dr. Shirley Johnson

No report.


c. Report on PSAC Joint Initiatives – Morgan Fitzgibbons

No report.


d. SFPD Report on Safety and Security Issues – Officer Matthew Friedman, Park Station

No report.


e. Polk Street Progress – Madeleine Savit, Folks for Polk

Savit: The Polk St Improvement Project is entering the home stretch with the SFMTA’s Final Staff Recommendations released. The project is expected to go before the board in late July/August. Proposed changes include:

●  Pedestrian scale lighting and plantings

●  More green and yellow loading, and blue parking zones will improve traffic flow.

●  Daylighting and countdown timers at intersections.

●  Sidewalk extensions

●  Bulb-outs

●  Bikeway markings extended through all intersections


●  May: Plan has been contentious in past, is it now more accepted?

●  Savit: There has been a huge education attempt but opposition is still strong. New signs opposing the project have appeared on Polk. Folks for Polk is approaching it’s one year anniversary and there appears to have been little progress toward acceptance by hard-core opponents.


7. Enforcement Safety Campaign Working Group

The Chair explained the concept of the Working Group and its proposed relationship to SFPD. The Working Group will not change existing law in any way but rather assist SFPD in developing guidelines for a “Redi-Ref” for CVC violations applicable to cyclists.

Allen and Dole volunteered to serve on the Working Group alongside the Chair.

Motion: May

Second: Dole

The creation of the working group was unanimously approved.


8. Overview of the SFMTA Capital Improvement Plan – Craig Rafael and Jonathan Rewer, SFMTA



●  Allen: Timeline?

○  Rewers: The CA Transportation Commission will decide if funded in next 45 days after which it goes to the regional Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

●  Nicholson: Is the Embarcadero still 25% of budget?

○  Rafael: Planning to talk to other agencies and flesh out funding plan over time.

●  Nicholson: Coordination between the CIP and the Bike strategy?

○  Rewers: 2/24/14 Feedback from Committee resulted in changes. 2009 Bike Plan is “essentially at the end” with more complex projects (e.g. Masonic, Embarcadero) left.

●  Nicholson: You’re saying that it is not feasible on current budget to do 10/mile year. Quantity vs. Quality.

○  Rewers: Fiscal year 2013 not reflected in Bike Strategy, also Spot Improvements missing. Hard to quantify all improvements in miles, more complex analysis required.


9. Change to Meeting Schedule for 2014 – Per the direction of the Committee, we have requested Wednesday, May 28 as an alternative. The planned May 26 meeting falls on Memorial Day. May 28 has been approved by City Hall Building Management.The Committee would also desire to continue the tradition of having a combined November/December Meeting in early December, to avoid holiday conflicts. December 1 is proposed as the proposed date.

Motion: Dole

Second: May


10. Sharing Lanes with MUNI Vehicles

Deferred to next month.


11. Continuing Status Review on Spot Project Requests


●  Chair: How will should system work in light of new Spot workshops? Does Committee propose improvements or does SFMTA?

●  Jose: Spot improvements are not structural, more focused on comfort and convenience.  Safety improvements are based on data.

●  Nicholson: Data on collision is a reactionary approach, improvement should be proactive.

●  Dos Santos-Allen: Can public outside of stakeholder groups participate?

○  Jose: 311, SFBC, Board.

●  Dole: Suggested as a model of a website.


12. Adjournment

Motion: May

Second: Allen

The meeting adjourned at 8:52 PM

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