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Bicycle Advisory Committee - May 28, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Bicycle Advisory Committee - May 28, 2014


Wednesday May 28, 2014

6:30 p.m.

City Hall, Room 408

Regular Meeting




1. Roll Call – Determination of Quorum

Present: District 1 - Kevin Dole, District 2 - Richard Tilles, District 3 - Marc Brandt, District 4 - Edward Nicholson, District 5 - Morgan Fitzgibbons (6:40 arrival), District 6 - Richard May, District 7 - Bert Hill (Chair), District 8 - Timothy Doherty, District 9 - Amar Puri, District 11 - Casey dos Santos-Allen

Absent: District 10 - Micah Allen

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM.


2. Announcements & Acknowledgments

Amar Puri, District 9, was welcomed to the Committee.


3. Approve Minutes - April 28, 2014 BAC Meeting

* Motion: dos Santos-Allen

* Second: Fitzgibbons

The minutes were approved unanimously.


4. Public Comment: (Discussion Item)

* Janice Li, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition requested a regular monthly agenda item for a SFBC report and asked for the Committee’s signature to a letter in favor of returning the Vehicle License Fee to 2%.

* The Chair requested that the Parliamentarian look into whether or not the Committee can make political endorsements.


5. Committee Member Reports (Information)

Chairman's Report

* Chair is concerned that CVC section 21208 could be interpreted in ways that restrict cyclists right to the road. Will keep committee posted.

* “Divot” at Hattie St & Market St. Previously fixed by DPW but has returned. Will request repair in formal letter to DPW

* Chair will be absent for June meeting for two week bicycle trip. Vice-chair Tilles will function as Chair.


Committee Member Reports

* Tilles: New York Times featured an article on Ofc. Matt Friedman (

* Fitzgibbons: D5 seat on PSAC open. Drafting resolution to daylight every intersection in the city.

* Brandt: Repaving of Columbus near Francisco has made more the area less safe for bicyclists due to improper st design.

* Nicolson: New speed bumps on Clement St near VA Hospital are very well designed.

* dos Santos-Allen: Participated in Bike To Work day.

* Dole: Participated in Bike to Work Day, 5/10 SFBC Sewer Ride and, 5/24 Safe Routes to JFK ride.


6. Governmental Reports

MTA Bicycle Program Report – Ben Jose

* 52/60 bike plan projects completed. Polk St contraflow most recent.

* Study of economic impact of streetscape projects based on sales tax data. Preliminary results indicate positive economic benefit after one year across eight streetscape corridors surveyed. Full report to be released in coming months.

* 2nd street: Transportation impact study complete. EIR expected by Spring/Summer 2014, construction to begin 2015.

* Polk Streetscape project undergoing EIR by planning department, expected by Summer 2014.

* Safe routes to school project along Ortega between 37th & 41st avenues. Continuous lanes both ways, new bulb outs, curb cuts. Hopefully complete before start of school in August.

* Sharrows:

* Board approved budget including new funds for next round.

* dos Santos-Allen: Does new budget cover replacing old sharrows?

* Jose: Will look into, advocate reporting to 311.

* MUTCD guidelines for sharrows do not apply to greenbacks which have been used for wayfinding. SFMTA working on developing internal policy for greenback sharrows.

* Spot Improvement:

* Multiple Committee members identified small projects that need to addressed. The Chair said he would reintroduce an “intersections of concern” section to the agenda.


BART Task Force – Dr. Shirley Johnson:

No report


Report on PSAC Joint Initiatives – Morgan Fitzgibbons

Issues were covered in the Committee Member Report


SFPD Report on Safety and Security Issues – Officer Matthew Friedman, Park Station

No report


Polk Street Progress – Madeleine Savit, Folks for Polk

No report



7. Full Funding of Vision Zero

Action: Discussion & Approval of a Joint Resolution with the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

Sponsor: Kevin Dole and Morgan Fitzgibbons, Districts 1&5, respectively.

* Motion: Brandt

* Second: dos Santos-Allen



* Tilles: do we know what the funding shortfall is?

* Fitzgibbons: Funding is tiied to ballot measures

* Jose: If ballot measures pass, $1.5 billion in funding, $566 million for vision zero projects,

* Chair: How much is engineering, education, enforcement?

* Jose: Focus on engineering

The resolution passed unanimously with typographical revisions.


8. Formation of a Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Department of Public Works

Action: Resolution in Support of Creation of DPW CAC

Sponsor: Kevin Dole, District 1

* Motion: dos Santos-Allen

* Second: Fitzgibbons



* Tilles pointed out that unlike other City agencies with attendant advisory bodies, DPW is not overseen by a Commission.

* dos Santos-Allen: DPW is not a planning agency but executes projects planned by other agencies.

* Jose: DPW breadth very large, issue might be better served by regular DPW representation to the Committee

* Chair: Need further clarification of resolution intent from Richmond Democratic Club.

Vote tabled pending clarification.


9. Sharing Lanes with MUNI Vehicles

Action: Continued policies for optimization of roadway use by bicyclists and MUNI operators to legally, safely, and efficiently share travel in restricted traffic lanes.

Sponsor: Bert Hill, District 7



* Chair: By sharing lanes in specific areas transit can move faster encouraging people to not drive. SFMTA hearing needed on issue.

* Brandt: Poor enforcement of existing HOV-only lanes, cars often in red paint zone on 3rd St. Cyclists and buses move at different speeds.

* Chair: Ideally would focus on area where average speeds would be same.

* Nicholson: Buses psychologically imposing. Shared HOV seems safe on Mission.

* Brandt: League of American Bicyclists says most bike fatalities are hit from behind by autos.



* Brian Manford, SFBC: Live in SOMA, buses using bike lane on 8th St. Request clarification from MTA on existing policy on bikes in transit only lanes, also taxi policy and rideshare policy.

* Jose: MTA does not want buses in bike lanes. Can inquire about around HOV lanes.

* Chair: Sharrow on Sutter in HOV lane was removed and now no clear example of where cyclists should ride. Request more comprehensive study of possibilities for sharing.

* dos Santos Allen: Limit study to Portola, Mission, Sutter


10. Recommendations on Bicycle Storage Improvements in BART Cars

Action: Letter to the BART Board suggesting design improvements in BARTs next generation of cars.

Sponsor: Bert Hill, Chair

* Motion: dos Santos-Allen

* Second: May



* Numerous revisions were made to the letter.

The letter was approved with revisions.


11. DPW Maintenance of Clean Bikeways

Action: Letter to DPW requesting scheduled cleaning of bicycle roadways with chronic issues of debris after storms and routinely in areas of high speed lane use.

Sponsor: Bert Hill, District 7

* Motion: dos Santos-Allen

* Second: Dole



* The Great Highway and Laguna Honda Blvd were identified as areas in need of  

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