Community Challenge Grant Program

Excelsior Sculpture

The Community Challenge Grant Program (CCG) provides funding that build strong San Francisco neighborhoods and facilitates community participation, stewardship and responsibility. CCG helps facilitate community-led transformation efforts that enhance beautification projects that build community.

The goals of CCG are to do the following:

  • To promote vibrant physical improvements and greening of public spaces.
  • To engage residents and businesses in creating welcoming places for community building.
  • To feature ecologically friendly amenities and practices.

The grants fund community-driven initiatives that beautify the neighborhood, enhance public spaces in the community, and/or restore the natural ecology of an area. The CG is interested in projects where greening is a meaningful component. Funding supports projects that present thoughtful, well-planned strategies for:

  • Creating physical improvements to public spaces
  • Planting native species
  • Planting or improving community gardens, gathering or open space areas
  • Making public spaces more accessible and inviting
  • Creation and installation of Public Art

For guidelines & applications, click here.


CCG Project Showcase