Events Vendor RFQ


San Francisco City Hall, the seat of government for the City and County of San Francisco, is also a historic landmark and popular event venue hosting approximately five-hundred events annually, including weddings, galas, corporate events, and professional film and photography.

The City Hall Events Office (CHEO) seeks responses from vendors demonstrating experience in providing services in a variety of areas related to event production and management. These vendors will be placed on a newly created City Hall Events Qualified Vendors List, and may offer services to licensees renting City Hall for the purpose of hosting events and other related activities.

Intent of this Request for Qualification (RFQ)

It is the intent of the CHEO to create a qualified list of vendors from which CHEO licensees may choose to provide services on an as-needed basis.

Respondents qualified under this RFQ will remain eligible for consideration and contract negotiation on an as-needed basis for a period of three (3) years, and will be listed on the CHEO website and potentially in other CHEO communications materials. Respondents will not enter into contracts with the CHEO itself.

Contracts, if any, will be executed by and between vendors on the Qualified Vendors List and CHEO licensees. Those contracts will be separate and independent from any Short Term License Agreements executed by and between the CHEO and its licensees. Neither the City nor CHEO will be a party to any contracts negotiated by qualified vendors under this RFQ. Qualified vendors are not guaranteed to receive any contracts.


Extended Deadline for RFQ Responses      Friday, 4/14/17, 2:00 pm

Qualified List Established                          Monday, 5/15/17

Vendor RFQ and Attachments

To submit a response, first download and read the complete Vendor RFQ and the RFQ Instructions. Then download, complete and submit all attachments below as directed in the RFQ Instructions.

PDF iconVendor RFQ.pdf  (PDF)

PDF iconVendor RFQ Answers (PDF)

PDF iconVendor RFQ Additional Answers (PDF)

PDF iconVendor RFQ Instructions (PDF)

PDF iconRFQ Attachment 1-Vendor Profile Form  (PDF)

PDF iconRFQ Attachment 2-Rules & Regulations  (PDF)

PDF iconRFQ Attachment 3-Indemnification Form  (PDF)

PDF iconRFQ Attachment 4-Insurance Requirements  (PDF)

PDF iconRFQ Attachment 5-Service Area Identification Form (PDF)