HRC Forms and Attachments for Primes Bidding on City Contracts

HRC Forms and Attachments imageFor contracts advertised on or after 3/25/11, choose from:   

For contracts advertised on or after 3/12/2010 and before 3/25/11, choose from:    


For contracts advertised on or after 12/26/2008 & before 3/12/2010, choose from:


For contracts advertised before 12/26/2008, choose from: 


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Or contact the HRC representatives assigned to work with the City agency issuing the contract you are bidding on: 


City Agency Issuing the RFP, RFQ or Contract 


HRC Representative 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)

San Francisco Port (SF Port)

Department of Public Works (DPW)

Recreation & Park (RPD)

Nichole Truax

Senior Contract Compliance Officer

Tel: 415/554-3104


San Francisco Airport (SFO)

. . . and any other City agencies not listed above

Linda Chin

Senior Contract Compliance Officer

Tel: 650/821-7796