Authentication of SFDPH Birth & Death Certificate

These are instructions for authentication of birth and death certificates issued by the San Francisco Department of Public Health Local Health Registrar (SFDPH).
If sending the proof of the birth/death to another country for official purposes, the other country may require you to obtain an “apostille” by the California Secretary of State office.  The signature of Local Health Registrar are NOT available at the California Secretary of State's records.  An authentication by our office of the birth/death certificate issued by SFDPH is required before the California Secretary of State office can provide you with the “apostille” service.

To obtain authentication of the Birth/Death Certificate from our office, you must:

1.  Come in person (can be 3rd party) or mail to us the certified copy(ies) of the Birth/Death certificates issued to you by the
  S.F. Department of Public Health
Our address is:

S.F. County Clerk
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
City Hall, Room 168
San Francisco, CA 94102-4678

2.  Include payment of $14.00 for each authentication. 

In Person: Only cash, money order, or personal check (from an U.S.A. issued bank, no foreign checks) payable to S.F. County Clerk, or debit / credit card are acceptable.

By Mail: Only money order or personal check (from an U.S.A. issued bank, no foreign checks) payable to S.F. County Clerk.  Must also include a self-addressed stamped envelope so  that we can return the authenticated Birth/Death certificate(s) back to you.

Processing time in person is about 20 minutes.  All mail requests are processed within 3 business days from date of receipt.

Once you have received the authentication from our office, you can then proceed with the “
apostille” process with the Secretary of State’s Office.  For information or questions on that process, please visit their website at:

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl., City Hall #168 SF CA 94102-4678 Map Directions