All registrations must be submitted in person and present valid authentic legal photo identification card containing photograph, full legal name, date of birth, date of issue, and date of expiration.


  1. Please complete and sign the “Professional Photocopier” Certificate of Registration form, Download Forms-Professional Registration.  Registration form must be typed or clearly printed using a blue or black pen.
  2. Pursuant to California Business & Professions Code section 22454 “At least one person involved in the management of a professional photocopier shall be required to hold a current commission from the Secretary of State as a notary public in this state. If the notary commission is held by someone other than the registrant, written confirmation from the notary authorizing the use of his/her commission for this registration is required.” 
  3. $5,000 bond or $5,000 cash must accompany application form.  Bond must indicate the name of the principal EXACTLY in the manner that it is indicated on the application.  It must also indicate the duration of the bond (starting and ending times).
  4. Officers listed must include those required by Section 821 Corporations Code 
    Section 821 Corporations Code reads in part.  

    "Officers.  Every Corporation shall have a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer, who shall be chosen by the board of directors.  A corporation may have such other officers as may be deemed expedient, who shall be chosen in such manner and hold their offices for such terms as may be prescribed by the by-laws. Any two or more officers, except those of president and secretary, may be held by the same person.”

  5. If registering as an individual, submit photograph  (standard ID card picture, 1" X 1 1/2") for identification Card.  Valid identification must be presented. 
  6. The following guidelines must be followed for any employer wishing to have an additional ID card issued to his/her employee: Employee must come in person, present his/her legal picture ID, pay $14 per ID fee and provide our office with a letter containing an original signature by the registered individual OR one of the corporate officers/general partners indicated on the original registration form, whichever is applicable.  ID card will reflect “employee” on it.
  7. If the registration contains a dba, a copy of your current dba/FBN (Fictitious Business Name) statement must be presented.
  8. Fee must accompany application.  Payment can be made in CASH or with a CA preprinted check or money order payable to SF County Clerk.   For current fee, see Fees. 



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