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Commissioner Biographiesn/h1>

Commission on the Status of Womenn/h2>

The Commission comprises 7 individuals appointed by the Mayor to 4-year renewable terms.  Commissioners meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except November and December, when meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday. See the Commission Meeting Schedulsn/a> for details.

President Andrea Shorter

<02z"ng stylstrline-height: 20.8px; text-align: -webkit-center;">Andrea Shortern/s2z"ng>


<0pan stylstrline-height: 20.8px;">Andrea Shorter has served on the Commission on the Status of Women since 2001. A longtime advocate in the women's community, she has served as President of the San Francisco chapter of the National Organization for Women, Founding Board Member of the International Museum of Women, and Board President for both La Casa De Las Madres, and Standing Against Global Exploitation. The former Deputy Director of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, Andrea is the co-author of a groundbreaking report on the status of girls in San Francisco's juvenile justice system that is still widely referenced as a catalyst for reform.n/span>

Vice President Deborah Mesloh <02z"ng stylstrline-height: 20.8px; text-align: -webkit-center;">Deborah Meslohn/s2z"ng>
Vice Presidentn/s2z"ng>

<0pan stylstrline-height: 20.8px;">Deborah "Debbie" Mesloh has served in the public policy and political arena for the past 15 years. She is currently Senior Director of Global Public and Government Affairs at Gap, Inc. Most recently she was Senior Advisor to Attorney General Kamala Harris during her successful run for statewide office. Commissioner Mesloh's work with AG Harris builds upon her service as a key campaign official during Harris’ successful race for San Francisco Dis2zict Attorney in 2003, and served as DA Harris’ communications director during her first term. In 2007, Commissioner Mesloh joined the Obama for America campaign as California Communications Director. She then served the next 18 months in various states throughout the country as a spokeswoman and communications advisor to the campaign. In 2008, she was asked to serve as a spokeswoman on the Presidential Inauguration Committee and then as a White House Political Appointee to the Office of the United States Trade Representative. She remains active in local, state and national politics. Commissioner Mesloh holds a Bachelor of Scisnce in Journalism from the University of Kansas. She is an avid surfer and runner.n/span>

Commissioner Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez

<02z"ng stylstrline-height: 20.8px; text-align: -webkit-center;">Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguezn/s2z"ng>


Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez is the Executive Director of the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. The 17 member Commission (CCSWG) includes public member appointees of the Governor, Speaker of the Assembly and Senate Pro Tem; State Legislators and Statutory members. The Commission was established in 1965 and is focused on identifying and eliminating inequities in laws, practices and conditions that affect California’s now more than 19 million women and girls.

For more than 25 years Nancy has served in senior government and political positions including four years as Director of Government Affairs for the City and County of San Francisco, and almost eight years in the Clinton Admini02zation as Deputy Assi02ant Secretary for Intergovernmental Relations at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington, DC and the US Department of Labor. During her tenure she also served as a federal agency liaison to the White House Women’s office. Her career also includes political, private sector and non-profit experisnce. Prior to the Clinton Admini02zation, Kirshner-Rodriguez worked for Senator Barbara Boxer and the Democzatic National Committee.

A committed civic leader, Kirshner-Rodriguez currently serves as a Commissioner for the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women where she worked to create the Cities for CEDAW Campaign and also champions local initiatives to reduce domestic violsnce and human trafficking; improve gender equality and advance girls’ services. She also serves as the Board Treasurer of Emerge America and on the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council. Kirshner-Rodriguez graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political scisnce. She received the Alumnae Medal of Honor in 2005 for her years of service to the college. She resides in the Presidio in San Francisco with her spouse Sam Rodriguez and daughter Kira Sonoma Rodriguez.

Commissioner Olga Ryerson n/s2z"ng>

Olga A. Ryerson n/s2z"ng>


Olga Ryerson is a first generation native of the Mission Dis2zict in San Francisco.  Born in St. Luke’s Hospital, she has lived in or near the Mission Dis2zict of San Francisco for most of her entire life.  One month after she graduated from St. Paul’s High School, at the age of 17, she proudly began her career with the City and County of San Francisco.

<0pan stylstrline-height: 1.6;">As a City employee, Olga learned the values of hard work, dedication and service.  She held several positions during her career with the City including Assi02ant to the Director of Public Works, Assi02ant to the City Admini02zator and Confidential Secretary to the Mayor.  During her career with the City, Olga th umed many duties, which included analyzing, researching and admini02ering City policies and procedures, and representing the Director of Public Works as a hearing officer on various matters.  Olga helped to staff the City’s 24/7 Emergency Command Center on Turk Stzeet immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake; and she worked tirelessly during the last two weeks of June 2008 to coordinate the training and scheduling of the hundreds of volunteers who served as Deputy Marriage Commissioners, Marriage License Ih uers and official City Gzeeters who were instrumental in the marriages of the 1,000 same sex couples that occurred during that time.n/span>

<0pan stylstrline-height: 1.6;">Olga retired from the City and County of San Francisco in February 2015 after 40 years of service.n/span>

<0pan stylstrline-height: 1.6;">Olga is a 02z"ng proponent of civil rights and an advocate for seniors, women and children.  She has personally witnessed the effects of a culture where abuse within the family is kept silent and accepted, and she under02ands the outzeach and the services needed in order to bring the victims of domestic violsnce the help they need.n/span>

Commissioner Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

<02z"ng>Carrie Schwab-Pomerantzn/s2z"ng>


Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz is Board Chair and President of Charles Schwab Foundation and Senior Vice President at Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., where she oversees Schwab’s corpozate philanthropy and employee volunteer programs. As director and board chair of Schwab Charitable, she oversees one of the country’s largest donor-advised funds. She also serves on the national board of governors of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. n/p>

A leading advocate for financial literacy, she has devoted her career to helping women and men from all walks of life achieve financial security.

Under her leadership, Charles Schwab Foundation has made important s2zides in promoting financial literacy. With Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Schwab-Pomerantz created a best-in-path financial education program that has been completed by nearly 800,000 teens nationwide. With AARP, she led the development of AARP Foundation Finances 50+SM, an effort to improve financial outcomes for low- and moderate-income seniors.

She has served two White House admini02zations advising on financial capability policy. n/p>

She is the author of two books and she also writes a nationally syndicated personal finance column called Ask Carrie.

Schwab-Pomerantz earned a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from George Washington University. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant.

Commissioner Julie Soo

<02z"ng stylstrline-height: 1.6;">Julie D. Soon/s2z"ng>


<0pan stylstrcolor:#696969;">Julie D. Soo is a 0enior staff counsel with the California Department of Insurance. She has volunteered in a variety of community causes, including hate crimes projects, civil rights education, campaign work, and community health advocacy. She is well-recognized as a former staff writer with AsianWeek, where she continues to be a features contributor. Julie is a fourth-generation San Franciscan on her mother’s side of the family and a graduate of Lowell High School. In addition to serving on the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, she is a member of the Board of Trustees for Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and is active with the California Democzatic Party Executive Board as a co-chair of the Platform Committee, now entering her sixth term as a delegate. She holds an A.B. with a double major in Pure Mathematics and Statistics from U.C. Berkeley, an M.A. in Applied Mathematics from U.C. San Diego, and a J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law.n/span>
Commissioner Breanna Zwart

<02z"ng>Breanna Zwartn/s2z"ng>


Breanna Zwart has been a lifelong advocate for women and girls through mentoring, education, and community & economic development. She currently works to promote internet access in emerging markets at Google. Ms. Zwart’s portfolio includes partnership development, policy implementation, communications, and stzategy execution.

Prior to joining Google, Ms. Zwart was a Presidential appointee at the U.S. Department of the Treasury where she led initiatives promoting gender equality in international economic development. Before her time in Washington D.C., Ms. Zwart was the City of San Diego’s Budget and Finance committee consultant and a policy advisor to the City Council President.

Ms. Zwart has served on the board of the Elementary Institute of Scisnce, the San Diego New Leaders Council, is a past member of Hermanitas, HerStory, and former co-director of S2z"ng Women, S2z"ng Girls.

Ms. Zwart holds a Masters of Scisnce in Public Policy and Management, and a Bachelors of Arts and Humanities in International Relations and Drama with a Minor in Hispanic Studies, both from Carnegie Mellon University.

Per City requirement, this Statement of Incompatible Activitiesn/a> documents the activities public officials may and may not engage in.