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Women in the Workplace

Gender Equality Principles Initative

Gender Equality Principles Initiative (external link) - The Department has teamed up with Calvert Asset Management and Verite to create the Gender Equality Principles to provide private sector entitites with the tools they need to create gender equitable workplaces. Visit the interactive website to find out more.

Women in Non-Traditional Fields

Recruitment of Women in Non-Traditional Fields - Despite laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment, women are still underrepresented in traditionally male dominated occupations. The Department offers these recruitment strategies and resources, compiled from a list of organizations whose focus is on increasing the number of women in non-traditional occupational areas.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Polices & Practices Survey Report - Conducted in 2000, this report identifies the tools City departments have developed to promote work-life balance among employees.

Sexual Harassment

2009 Stimulus Act

2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment (Stimulus) Act - The Stimulus Act of 2009 is designed to bolster the economy in the current economic crisis. Find out more about where this money goes and if women will benefit:

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