When Should you File a Complaint of Police Misconduct?
A complaint should be filed when you feel that a member of the San Francisco Police Department has acted improperly in the course of their work. Whether the complaint is related to discourteous treatment, failure to take action, inaccurate report writing, an unjustified arrest, unnecessary force or any other police action that you feel is wrong, the Department of Police Accountability wants to know about it.

Anonymous Complaints of Police Misconduct
The Department of Police Accountability does receive anonymous complaints. Anonymous complaints will be treated with the same importance as any other complaint; however, the Police Commission has determined that anonymous complaints cannot be sustained without additional evidence.

Complaint Process
Complaint Form (English) (PDF)
Complaint Form (Spanish) (PDF)
Complaint Form (Chinese) (PDF)
Complaint Form (Russian) (PDF)
Complaint Form (Tagalog) (PDF)
Complaint Form (Vietnamese) (PDF)

You may email your complaint form to

General Mediation Brochure (PDF)

Roster of U.S. Civilian Oversight Agencies (PDF)


Other locations where you can get an DPA Complaint Form:


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