Initial WiFI Rollout Announcement 2013


Learn how to get Access to the Free WiFi

Mayor's Press Release

SF Wifi logoMayor Edwin M. Lee today launched a free municipal wireless internetaccess (Wi-Fi) service along Market Street – the City’s busiest and mosteconomically diverse corridor. Starting in the Castro neighborhood andending at The Embarcadero along the entire Market Street corridor, Wi-Fiaccess will be accessible to everyone with a smart phone, laptop or anyWi-Fi enabled mobile device.


Nearly a quarter-million people walk down Market Street every day, andnow they will be able to connect to the Internet through our free publicWi-Fi,” said Mayor Lee. “Providing Wi-Fi on our City’s main busythoroughfare is a big first step towards a larger vision of connectivityfor our City as a whole, bridging the digital divide and ensuring thatour diverse communities have access to innovation.” Read more.