Campaign Finance Information

For multi-county, regional offices wherein the City and County of San Francisco is where the candidate is registered, the Department of Elections maintains the FPPC filings for public review. The Department also maintains FPPC filings for Slate Mailer Organizations operating within the City and County of San Francisco.

For the November 8, 2016 Consolidated General Election, the contest for which this is applicable is BART Board of Directors, District 9 only.

FPPC expenditure forms filed with the Department of Elections*:

  • Form 400 - Slate Mailer Organization Statement of Organization
  • Form 401 - Slate Mailer Organization Campaign Statement
  • Form 402 - Slate Mailer Organization Statement of Termination
  • Form 410 - Statement of Organization
  • Form 460 - Consolidated Campaign Disclosure Form
  • Form 497 - 24-Hour Contribution Report
  • Form 498 - Late Payment Report (Slate Mailer Organizations)
  • Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement

*These forms are available for public view at the Department of Elections, located at the front counter.