Community Outreach Presentations

The San Francisco Department of Elections provides a variety of nonpartisan, educational presentations at community events and meetings throughout San Francisco. These presentations are free of charge and can be conducted in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, or Spanish.

For a schedule of upcoming outreach events, see the Voter Education Community Outreach Calendar

Voter Education Presentation

Voter education presentations cover elections-specific information (e.g. how the new “open” primary works), election dates and deadlines, voter registration requirements, the Voter Information Pamphlet and sample ballot, voting at the polls, voting by mail and early voting, accessibility, and multilingual voter services. During presentations, outreach coordinators will also register voters, collect requests for vote-by-mail ballots and to opt-out of the paper Voter Information Pamphlet, and recruit poll workers.

Voter Information/Registration Table

Outreach coordinators can staff a voter information/registration table at your community event or facility. In addition to registering voters, coordinators will distribute voter education materials, answer questions, collect requests for vote-by-mail ballots and to opt-out of the paper Voter Information Pamphlet, and recruit poll workers.

Voting System Demonstration

San Francisco voters have the option to vote a paper ballot read by an optical scan tabulator or to mark their ballot using an accessible voting machine designed to assist voters with disabilities to vote independently and privately. Outreach coordinators can provide an orientation to either or both machines. For the optical scanner, voters can mark a demonstration ballot and become familiar with the messages the machine prints if a ballot contains an invalid mark. For the accessible voting machine, voters may make selections on a demonstration touchscreen ballot or use an accessible keypad and headphones to make selections on a demonstration audio ballot.

Voter Registration Drive Training

Organizations interested in conducting a voter registration drive can review the Department’s Voter Registration Training presentation or request an in-person presentation by an outreach coordinator. The presentation, How to Conduct a Voter Registration Drive in San Francisco, includes the legal requirements for conducting a drive, procedures for obtaining and returning Voter Registration Cards, and how to check if Voter Registration Card are completed correctly. During the in-person presentation, outreach coordinators also provide general information about voting in San Francisco

Election Connection - Voter Information Program, documentary video