High School Poll Worker Program

Learn more about the High School Voter Education Weeks Ambassador program.

Working as a High School Student Poll Worker is a great opportunity to serve your community, get an inside look at the democratic process as well as earn some extra money. Students play a huge part in the electoral process in San Francisco; the Department hires between 800-1200 High School Students every Election!

As a High School Pollworker, you will be required to:

  • To report to one of San Francisco’s 576 polling places on Election Day morning.
  • Help set up voting equipment and open the polls by 7am. 
  • Facilitate voting by issuing ballots and checking off voters in the roster. 
  •  Close the polls at 8pm, count the ballots and prepare them for pickup.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Make $142! 
  • It’s a great addition to your resume or college application; it shows college admissions and potential employers that you have a proven record of responsibility and teamwork!
  • Hours worked may count toward your school’s community service graduation requirements. 
  • By helping others vote, you'll be ready to vote when you turn 18. Make sure you register to vote first! 
  • Finally, you’ll have the chance to meet new people in your community!

Join fellow students from high schools such as: Abraham Lincoln, Philip & Sala Burton, School of the Arts, Mission, Raul Wallenberg, George Washington, International Studies Academy, Ida B. Wells, Galileo, Balboa, Immaculate Conception, Sacred Heart, Gateway, San Francisco Waldorf, Lowell, and Lick Wilmerding, to name a few.

We encourage all interested students to apply as early as possible. Space is limited.

For questions or comments please contact the High School Pollworker Division at (415) 554-4395 or send an email to HSPollworker.communication@sfgov.org

To San Francisco High School Teachers:

The Department would like to thank all San Francisco high school teachers who support the program. Without your support, the program would not have experienced the success it has over the past 7 years. For those who are new to the program here are examples of the feedback we have received from teachers in support of the program:

  • The program compliments civic awareness or political science curricula.
  • Students learn outside the classroom while experiencing a real life professional experience. 
  • It engages the students in the community and in the voting/elections process. 
  • Students experience a new training method during pollworker training classes. 
  • The program emphasizes responsibility, teamwork, cultural competencies and leadership.