Host a Polling Place

The Department of Elections is responsible for providing suitable polling sites for each of the 576 voting precincts located in San Francisco. Every Election an average of seventy-five polling places must be re-located due to cancellations. We are currently looking for clean, well-lit, accessible sites in all districts of the City. If you own a garage, recreation room, lobby or some other space that might be usable, please contact Precinct Services at (415) 554-4551 or e-mail us at

If you can commit to hosting the November 8 Presidential General Election you will receive $180. 

In addition, you can be a Poll Worker in the facility that you provide! Poll workers earn between $142-190 on Election Day!

By offering your property as a voting location you will provide a valuable service to the voters in your neighborhood and to the community in general. Many of our polling place owners have been involved in the Elections process for years. Their facilities have come to be recognized by generations of voters as the place to be in San Francisco on Election Day.

See if the Department is looking for a polling place in your neighborhood.