SF Elections Live

Schedule of Streaming Videos of Election Activities*

Date Time Activity Location
10/31 11am-12pm Candidate Workshop Room 48
8/15 11am-completion Designation of Letters to local ballot measures Room 48
8/18 2pm-completion Selection of Proponent and Opponent arguments for local ballot measures  Room 48
10/7 8am-5pm Logic and Accuracy (L&A) testing of Optech 400-C machines Computer Room 
10/3 - completion 24 Hours Scanning of returned vote-by-mail ballot envelopes in preparation for signature verification. Room 59
10/3-10/11 8am-5pm 

Logic and Accuracy (L&A) testing of Optech Insight machines

10/12-10/21 8am-5pm Logic and Accuracy (L&A) testing of AVC Edge II Warehouse
10/25 - completion 24 hours  Opening of vote-by-mail ballot envelopes, ballot extraction, preparation of ballots for counting In front of Room 59 
10/25 - completion 8am - 5pm Generally, but hours may vary Ballot Remake, as authorized by California Elections Code, 15210, when ballots that are torn, bent, folded, dirty, damp, or otherwise damaged and unreadable Room 48
10/27 - completion  24 hours  Ballot Counting (ballot tabulation occurs on election night and on any day during which ballots are counted) Computer Room 
11/5 3:30pm-5:30pm  Mock Election Center: practice of logging and resolving inquiries and issues in a simulated environment similar to Election Day  Adjacent to the City Hall café 
11/8   5:15am-completion Election Center: logging and resolving inquiries and issues on Election Day  Adjacent to the City Hall café 
11/8 8pm-completion  Data Collection Center: Receipt of memory packs and results cartridges from polling places  McAllister St entrance of City Hall 
11/8 8pm-completion  Processing Center: receipt of ballots, rosters of voters, and other materials from polling places  Warehouse 
11/10 - completion
Canvass: an internal audit of the election to ensure the accuracy and validity of the results  Warehouse 
11/9 - completion  24 hours Processing and tabulation of vote-by-mail ballots dropped off at polling places or City Hall drop-off stations, or received in the mail within three days of Election Day; provisional ballots; ballots with write-in votes; and ballots cast on the AVC Edge II machines  1. In front of Room 59
2. Room 59
3. Computer Room
4. In front of Computer Room facing the monitors of ballot tabulators 
11/9 - completion 8am-7pm generally, but hours may vary Processing of provisional ballot envelopes, including determining voters' eligibility and signature verification   In the area adjacent to the City Hall café
Room 48
In front of Room 48
11/22 10am-11am Random selection of precincts for 1% manual tally Room 48 

*The schedule and locations of activities are subject to change. Stream will begin 30 minutes prior to the scheduled activities.

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