Earthquake Safety Implementation Program

The Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) began in early 2012, evolving out of the key recommendations of the Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS), a ten year long study evaluating the vulnerabilities San Francisco faces to earthquakes. Its plan for action was turned into the fifty tasks ESIP will be implementing over the next few decades. This website is a resource for residents seeking information on ESIP's various programs or looking to become better prepared.

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NEW: Citywide Post-Disaster Resilience and Recovery Initiative (Resilient SF). Download a copy of Resilient San Francisco  
NEW: Recommendations for Mitigation of Chimney Hazards-- Download Here
Soft Story Preliminary Report to the Board of Supervisors and Analysis-- Download Here!

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Thanks to the tremendous efforts of world leading experts, community members and City officials we have identified our vulnerabilities and risks associated with the next major earthquake. As Director of Earthquake Safety I am pleased to welcome you to this website and hope you will find it a useful resource. Currently four generations of my family live in this city and it is my goal and duty to make sure the City will stay on the path to resilience, ensuring that San Franciscans properly prepare, respond and recover after the next major earthquake.

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Patrick Otellini
Chief Resilience Officer

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