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Current Roster of Trustees

FAMSF Trustees at a Board meeting

Diane B. Wilsey, President

Belva Davis, Vice President

Adolphus Andrews, Jr.

Edward D. Baker III

Janet Barnes (New Trustee begins in October)

Zachary S. Bogue

Carol N. Bonnie

Tracy Burris (New Trustee begins in October)

Richard Carranza

David H.S. Chung

Penny Coulter (Leave of Absence)

Marc P. Cruciger, M.D.

Juliet de Baubigny

David Fraze (New Trustee begins in October)

Vanessa Getty

Frankie Jacobs Gillette

Frederick M. Goltz

Wheeler S. Griffith

Cynthia Fry Gunn

Lauren Hall

Lucy Young Hamilton

Katherine Harbin

Holly Johnson Harris

Laure Fullerton Headrick (Leave of Absence)

Daniel Johnson

Gretchen B. Kimball

Janet W. Lamkin

Kathryn Lasater

Lawrence B. Low

Holland Lynch

Nancy McFadden

Amy McKnight (New Trustee begins in October)

Bryan Meehan (New Trustee begins in October)

Jason Moment (New Trustee begins in October)

Dr. Sarah Ogilvie

Carl Pascarella

Louise Renne

David Sacks

Lisa M. Sardegna

Arlene Schnitzer

David Shimmon

David Spencer

Jeana Toney

Trevor D. Traina

David Wadhwani (New Trustee begins in October)

Robert T. Wall

Lisa Zanze


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exterior image of Legion of Honor Museum during the day


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