Log Cabin Ranch School

Log Cabin Ranch (LCR) is the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department post adjudication facility for delinquent male juveniles. The purpose of the facility is provide a twenty-four a day residential program for juveniles of San Francisco who have been adjudicated delinquent by the Juvenile Courts and sent to Log Cabin for treatment and rehabilitation.

The twelve-month open-ended program is a well-structured program that addresses the needs of juvenile delinquents and prepares them to become productive members of society.

Academic Program
The educational component of the Log Cabin Ranch program is provided by the San Francisco Unified School District. Areas of instruction include: math, social studies, language arts, woodshop, computer lab and GED. Additionally, college preparatory classes are offered to residents who are interested in continuing their education beyond high school.

Mental Health, Dental and Medical Services
The San Francisco Department of Public Health, Special Programs for Youth provides health care services for residents at LCR. Services include:  seven days a week nursing coverage, medical and dental services and daily and weekly psychosocial counseling to assist residents with their adolescence adjustments.

The Ranch programs and services regime follows a holistic approach using two clinical licensed Social Workers and the Ranch Program Facilitator to conduct groups with residents and to oversee group process. The group sessions are comprehensive, intensive and structured in a manner to help each resident gain insight into changing his lifestyle. The programs and services are divided into three categories: Cognitive Behavior Base-Treatment, Vocational Training and Behavior Management.

Cognitive Behavior Base-Treatment
Therapeutic group sessions are designed to address the problems and needs of the residents court ordered commitment to Log Cabin Ranch. Cognitively, helps individual residents recognize errors and fallacies in thinking, and helps them deal with unresolved conflicts associated with interactions with others.

Group sessions include:


Group Sessions
1. Anger Management 9. Social Skills
2. Conflict Resolution 10. Commitment of Offense
3. Grief and Loss 11. Family Reunification
4. Health Education 12. Paths to Success
5. Domestic Violence and Sensitivity 13. Omega/Peer Counseling
6. Meditation 14. Young Men as Fathers
7. Self Esteem 15. Parents Support Group
8. Problem Solving and Decision Making 16. Peer Leadership

Vocational Training
Log Cabin Ranch vocational program is geared toward preparing residents to receive pre-apprenticeship training, develop employability skills and/or employment. Vocational training includes:
  1. Carpentry
  2. Photo-Journalism
  3. Horticulture and Landscaping
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Computer Literacy
  6. Barbering and Hair Styling
  7. Food Services
  8. Poetry & Creative Writing

Behavior Management
The behavior management program helps residents develop skills for assisting them in the every life. Additionally, the behavior management program fosters positive behavior from residents and teaches them self-responsibility and self discipline. Residents are rewarded for demonstrating positive behavior and taking responsibility in the following areas:

  1. Daily hygiene
  2. Daily bed and locker responsibilities
  3. Maintaining and dressing appropriately
  4. Dining hall etiquette
  5. Respectful to self and others
  6. Following rules and instructions
  7. Social etiquette

Substance Abuse Counseling
The Log Cabin Ranch substance abuse program is designed specially to help residents overcome drug and alcohol addiction and build a behavioral foundation that will prevent relapse. Two certified substance abuse counselors conduct daily and weekly sessions with residents to help them learn how to "close the door" on old habits while opening the doors to new growth and development.

In addition, members from narcotic and alcoholic anonymous conduct self help support groups and provide mentoring for individual residents who self identify as addicts.

Other Programs and Services
Tutorial Services:
To augment the educational program, specialized tutoring is provided to residents identified with very low academic skills, learning disabilities or needing assistance with subject matter.

Recreational Program:
During leisure time at the Ranch, residents enjoy an array of recreational activities. Daily activities include: basketball, weightlifting, table games, hiking, and soccer. In addition, residents compete against other Ranches and Camps in the Northern California Ranch League. The Ranch League is comprised of four events: basketball, softball, volleyball and track.

Religious Services:
The interfaith network of San Mateo and Church of San Francisco provides weekly religious services. Services include: bible study, spiritual education, spiritual counseling, and Sunday services.

Aftercare Services:
Log Cabin Ranch aftercare services are provided to all residents graduating from the Ranch with a comprehensive after plan that includes: case management services, educational enrollment, vocational/job assignment, counseling, intensive supervision and family support services.