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August 1, 2011

Full Board - August 1, 2011

San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board

Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2011



Members Present: Laura Guzman; Joanne Peters; Kevin Sharps; Richard Springwater; Erick Brown; Kim Armbruster; Rae Suber;  


Members Absent: Christine Ma; Wendy Phillips;




I.                   Introduction

Meeting started at 11:11am. Board co-chair Laura Guzman chaired the meeting.


II.                Minutes from July 11, 2011

Motion made to approve the minutes from the July 11, 2011 meeting with the edits mentioned.

M/S/C (Sharps/Armbruster/Unanimous)


III.             McKinney Vento 2011 Applications

Co-chair Guzman introduced Bridget (last?) from Home Base who, in turn, introduced Jason (last?) from Home Base as a joint presenter.


Bridget proceeded to present an “Update from HUD: FY2011 CoC Registration Notice related to CoC Homeless Assistance Competition” – green document – from which Bridget noted that, nationally, there is less funding available in 2011 than 2010 ($800,000 decrease).   Bridget stated that San Francisco’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) efforts, however,  have placed the City/County into a better position in regard to  HUDs current guidance and she further stated that HUD may include “funding incentives” for HMIS and Home Base hopes to present this information to the LHCB during the September 2011 meeting, if the information is available.  


Bridget stressed the increase in competition that is expected during this funding cycle and noted that comparisons between the  local strategic plan and the HUD national plan are to be expected. 


Bonus funding from HUD during this funding year may be available, according to Bridget, but the funding period will be reduced to 1 year. She also stated that HUD scoring will place emphasis upon “Rural” and “High Needs Communities”, also a change from past funding cycles. 


Bridget presented the Proposed McKinney Vento 2011 Application Project Review Process – see gray document -  including a “Renewal Project Threshold tool”, a “New Project Scoring Tool” and an “Appeals Process”. The estimated process timeline, based upon current HUD information, spans from May 31, 2011 – Spring 2012 (ending in the announcement of New Project awards).   


Board Comment:


Co-chair Guzman asked how determination of timelines will be assessed; Bridget stated that “priority performance” will be part of the measurement.


Board Member Armbruster asked about the process of quarterly program management monitoring; Bridget responded that this issue will be addressed per program and with HUD, if necessary.


Public Comment:


Joyce Crum, HSA Director, asked for clarification of the “late submissions” process.  She noted that the City currently does not accept “late” applications for any competitive  applications. 


Ashley ????? , representing HAP, asked about the establishment of minimal standards; Bridget responded that this will vary according to project-based applications’ program goals. Ashley went on to relate that


Karen ??????, ECS, remarked on the need to consider the value of “leveraging for renewal projects…”.





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