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March 7, 2011

Full Board - March 7, 2011
San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board
Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2011

Members Present: Christine Ma; Rae Suber; Wendy Phillips; Joanne Peters; Richard Springwater; Kevin Sharps; Erick Brown

Members Absent: Laura Guzman

I. Introduction
Meeting was started at 11:10pm.
The LHCB welcomed their newest member, Joanne Peters. Joanne was appointed to the LHCB by the Mayor. She currently serves as the Chief of Social Work for the Veterans Administration.

II. Minutes from January 3, 2011
The vote for this item was taken after the presentation by the Sunshine Task Force.

Motion made to approve the minutes with the edits provided by Board member Phillips:
M/S/C (Suber/Phillips/Unanimous/ one abstention- Sharps)

III. Presentation Sunshine Ordinance Task Force
Hope Johnson, a member of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, provided a presentation to the LHCB about the purpose and content of the Sunshine Ordinance and how the Local Homeless Coordinating Board interacts with the ordinance. The members were allowed to ask questions throughout the presentation.

In particular Ms. Johnson reviewed topics such as public information disclosure; passive meetings; public comment; when and how decisions can be made by board members; noticing of meetings; and other items. (Documents made available upon request).

Public Comment:
Charles Pitts stated that the LHCB has been in violation of many sunshine ordinance laws and have had the violations filed against them. The board members should be made aware of all complaints and take them seriously or they will end up in court.

Tomas P thanked Ms. Johnson for her presentation and said it was educational. The LHCB should watch the training available online. The LHCB has numerous complaints and does not show up to the hearings. Also the LHCB should not legislate by emails and the public has a right to know about decisions being made.

Board member Ma asked for clarification of when committee hearings need to be posted, with location and time.

Board member Springwater asked for updates about Sunshine Ordinance Task Force hearings.

Board member Ma said that her and co-chair Guzman receive all complaints sent to the staff.

It was also stated that the LHCB will do its best not to have board committee meetings at 77 Otis St. when at all possible.

IV. Update: Citywide Budget for 2011-2012
Staff provided an update of what is currently known about the Citywide budget process for 2011-2012. Staff reviewed timeline; current budget cut proposals that have been issued; possible impacts on homeless programs; and next steps.

The funding committee will do the work of doing a more in depth analysis of the budget cuts impacting programs and seek feedback from the affected agencies about how potential cuts will impact their services. Homebase will assist with this assessment.

Board member Phillips asked if there was additional information about the additional funding provided last year for the “everyday project homeless connect”. No additional information was known.
She also suggested the Board keep abreast of the State’s Plan to eliminate Redevelopment Agencies and the impact that would have on affordable housing.

Public Comment:
Tomas P. said that there should be representatives from HSA and DPH to discuss the budget and present to the Full Board.

The Board asked to have Human Services Agency and Department of Public Health to attend the next meeting and give information.

V. Appointment to the WICAC
The LHCB appointed Phil Clark at their January meeting as the replacement to Lisa Stringer on the Workforce Investment Board Community Advisory Committee. That term ended on February 21, 2011. The LHCB now was appointing a WICAC member to a new term to last for two years.
Two applicants: Phil Clark and Marcy Orosco.

Motion made to appoint Phil Clark to the Workforce Investment Community Advisory Committee
M/S/C (Phillips/Ma/Unanimous)

VI. Update from the Policy Committee
Co- chairs of the Policy Committee reviewed its recent work. The committee has had two meetings of a possible four regarding housing access for people who are homeless.
The first meeting gathered information about what the system is currently like, who provides housing and to what populations, and how people access it. The second meeting identified gaps in the current system based on the information that was gathered in the first meeting. In general the meetings have been very productive and all are encouraged to attend.

The third meeting will be creating proposed solutions to the identified gaps and challenges. That meeting will be April 25, 2011 from 10am-Noon at 77 Otis St.

Public Comment:
David B. asked if information and documents can be uploaded to the web so that people can access the information.

Charles P. said that the process is not complete and there should be presentations from the SF Homeless Outreach Team. The process needs more time and it is moving too quickly.

VII. Update from the Funding Committee
Co chair of the Funding Committee provided an update on the recent work of the Funding Committee.
At the January meeting the committee had a debrief of the 2010 McKinney Application process, went over the threshold review that all SHP programs underwent during the application process, and reviewed the next steps for funded agencies that need to collect data on their new performance measurements.

The February meeting was an Employment Roundtable. The meeting reviewed employment outcome data for McKinney funded programs, discussed gaps and challenges to meet those outcomes, discussed what currently works well, and discussed past and present work with the mainstream employment system along with the work of the Workforce Investment Board.
Board member Sharps also highlighted that the committee talked about strategies to get our employment outcome up even for programs that do not have employment as their priority. Also discussed strategies to close the gap between training and job placement, how to get agencies to hire people who are homeless, and ways to get new businesses moving into SF to hire folks.

Board member Springwater would like a fuller report back on the employment outcome data, how funding is going directly to services, and a cost effectiveness analysis of the programs

Public Comment:
Daryl Higashi stated that we should pay attention to the Federal unemployment rate and what does that mean when trying to place people who are homeless in jobs. He suggested that CHP make a presentation, they run programs that are best practice and very successful.

Tomas P stated he appreciated Board member Sharps facilitation of the meeting. He suggested that the LHCB look at retention data of the programs. The recession is a false argument as to why the outcomes are low and that lack of accountability is the real issue.

Phil Clark suggested that the WICAC report be a standing item on the agenda.
It was decided that the WICAC representative would report back at a minimum quarterly, or as soon as important information is needed to be distributed.

VIII. Other Business
A) Future Agenda Items
The Board members discussed future agenda items which will include: A presentation on rapid rehousing programs; HMIS (Homeless Management Information Systems); the city budget; and the implementation of the Sit/Lie Ordinance.

Board member Phillips also took this time to mention she heard that the Mayor’s Homeless Policy Director, Dariush Kayhan has taken a job at the Mayor’s Office of Housing.

Daryl Higashi confirmed this, but stated that Mr. Kayhan is still serving as a resource to Mayor Lee.

Public Comment:
Charles P. would like more frequent reports from the Shelter Monitoring Committee and that the LHCB is dropping the ball on this. He also wants to know when the Ten Year Plan Implementation Council is meeting

IX. General Public Comment
Tomas P. would like to have more up to date minutes. He also said that meeting about employment policy and housing policy should be together, not separate. He wants accountability for the recommendations that come out of these meetings.
He also said that two seats on the LHCB have expired and there needs to be appointments made by the Rules Committee

X. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

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