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October 3, 2011

Full Board - October 3, 2011

San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board

Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2011



Members Present: Joanne Peters; Wendy Phillips: Laura Guzman; Kevin Sharps; Richard Springwater; Erick Brown


Members Absent: Christine Ma; Kim Armbruster; Rae Suber



I.                   Introduction

Meeting was convened at 11:10am


II.                Minutes from September 12, 2011

Motion made to approve the minutes from the September 12, 2011 meeting

M/S/C (Phillips/Sharps/Unanimous)


III.             Presentation on the Housing Pipeline

Joan McNamera from San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office on Housing (MOH) did a presentation on the current Housing Pipeline. The housing pipeline has been a tool used to track the progress and achievements of the ten year plan to end homelessness in San Francisco. The goal of the 10 yr plan was to target 3,000 units of permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless, half leased and half owned. The pipeline tracks progress made on that goal and future plans.


In addition to a review of the progress of the 10 year plan, Ms. McNaerma reviewed housing projects that are set to open in upcoming years, those that are in construction, and those that are in the development phase (handouts were provided). Finally, she reviewed the process of funding projects and the impact the economy has had on that.


MOH has not been able to issue a specific homeless NOFA targeting the homeless since 2008. Instead they are targeting groups that also are getting funding from other sources, this is what allows them to fund projects in these difficult economic times. Also, NOFA amounts are much smaller than they were in the past. If projects are more expensive than others they get pushed down the pipeline and MOH funds the more inexpensive ones. In particular recently things have stalled in the third phase of funding a project, where the project is seeking funds to fill gaps that they could not fill with outside funding sources, ie: state and federal funds.


In addition to the discussion about the capitol funds needed for the projects, the need for support services dollars to serve the residents in those buildings was also discussed. The general fund pays for the services and HSA and DPH provide the services. Services are necessary to effectively serve the residents. The local economy can impact the ability to fund services.


The budget for next year is undetermined. Priority is to put out NOFAs that can be a match for other state or federal funding sources.

Board member Guzman recognized the challenging time this is and that strategic planning be done in the context of a pipeline that is not fully funded. Also there needs to be a new assessment done on the number of chronically homeless there are and how much housing funding is needed to meet that need.

Finally it was noted that its important to know what the priority of the Board of Supervisors are, there might be shifts towards prioritizing housing for moderate income residents, not low or very low income.
MOH is still committed to meeting the goal of the chronic homeless housing as stated in the 10 Year Plan.


Public Comment:

Jennifer F. from the Coalition on Homelessness suggested to seek private funding where there is a shortfall. She also noted that there is a low number of units in the pipeline for families, especially in proportion to the number of homeless families in San Francisco. The pipeline should align more with this current need and be kept in mind when projects are being developed.


IV.              2011 McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Grant

A)    Goals and Achievements

Jason, from Homebase, presented the updates to the achievement and goals chart to be used in our 2011 McKinney Vento application. The review of the chart included a look at our numerical achievements on the HUD mandated goals and numeric goals for next year. The Board members also reviewed action steps to include in the application. These actions steps are attached to each HUD goal. The action steps were discussed at the Funding Committee prior to this meeting. The suggestions made by the LHCB members will be incorporated, barring application character limits, and reviewed at the special meeting on October 24th to finalize.  


Motion to approve the numeric goals set at the Funding Committee for each HUD goal and the proposed action steps for 2012 , with the LHCB edits.

M/S/C (Phillips/Brown/Unanimous)


B)     Performance measurements

With the release of the 2011 NOFA it was noted that HUD made some minor changes to the required performance measurements that projects are mandated to report on. In some cases multiple measures were consolidated into a single measure, and in other cases some measures that weren’t applicable to a program type were eliminated. In order to align with this new requirement the performance measurement for housing stability was adjusted. The funding committee reviewed and approved a proposed adjustment. The other performance measurement language and the percent attached to them will remain the same as they were in 2010 applications.


The LHCB reviewed the proposed recommendation by the funding committee. 


Motion made to approve the adjusted percents attached to the HUD standard housing performance measurement goal to be used by projects in their 2011 Exhibit II applications.

M/S/C (Sharps/Phillips/Unanimous)


V.                 New Business

A)    Presentation on homelessness and domestic violence

Agenda item tabled.


B)     Agenda items for next meeting

VI.              General Public Comment



VII.           Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm.






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