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April 2, 2012

Full Board - April 2, 2012
San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board
Full Board
Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2012

Approved May 7, 2012

Members Present: Rae Suber; Erick Brown; Richard Springwater; Christine Ma; Wendy Phillips; Joanne Peters; Kevin Sharps; Kim Armbruster

Members Absent: Laura Guzman

I. Introduction
The meeting was started at 11:10am

II. Minutes from March 5, 2012
Motion made to approve the minutes from the March 5th meeting (with edits to typos)
M/S/C (Suber/Brown/Unanimous)

III. Update from Bevan Dufty and the Mayor’s HOPE Office
Mr. Dufty provided an update on a few of the initiatives and projects that he is working on. He spoke about his work with the San Francisco Housing Authority to continue to do things such as the work done for the “Home for the Holidays” campaign. He spoke about work being done to bring a Five Keys charter school to low income housing; he spoke of discussions he is having with the MTA regarding bus tokens; and finally he mentioned the upcoming hearing on shelter access that will be taking place at the Rules Committee of the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Dufy also introduced Mark Horvath who briefly spoke to the Board. Mr. Horvath expertise is using technology and social media to raise awareness about homelessness. His talked about his work in telling the stories of the homeless via social media and technically. He also talked about ideas to use technology to connect people to services.

IV. Presentation from the Adult Probation Department
Lisa Still from the from the adult probation department presented on the work of the department, the people they serve, and how it relates to homelessness. There are currently 6100 people on probation and an estimated 50% of the populations have housing or homelessness as an issue. Due to the State’s criminal justice realignment and the group of prisoners being released into county care, San Francisco received $5.7 million

Board member Guzman asked about the demographic data for those on probation. She also suggested to the Chief that the department work more with the shelter and drop in centers.

Board member Springwater asked what the impact will be on homeless services since the implementation of AB 109. The Chief responded by saying that these are the same people the providers have seen in the past, the clientele is mutual. She does not suspect that there will be a huge spike in numbers. Any increase will be supported by more resources.

Board member Ma asked the Chief to explain the type of work that is done while people are still inmates. And she also asked if there are specific services for families.
The Chief spoke about the education and some mental health services in prison. She also said there are parenting classes in prison, and post release the probation does family unification work when they can. They recently got a grant to do more family reunification work. Board member Ma suggested that family therapy be offered.

In addition to family work, Chief Still mentioned work being done targeting women who are re-entering. They also do risk assessments to target their resources. They have had the most success with the medium to highest need population.

Board member Sharps asked how they determine success, other than reduction in recidivism.
She responded by saying success is also measured by continued use of mental health and substance abuse services post release; no new crimes; referral and connection to services; employment; and working on vocational programs.

No public comment.

V. Homelessness and Data
Staff presented data to the board from the HUD mandated Annual Homeless Assessment Report. The data provides the number of unduplicated persons and persons in family using shelter, transitional housing, and permanent housing in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Data on homeless veteran’s data was also presented. HUD has created new resources online that presents and summarizes data that the local CoCs submit to HUD on an annual level. The data should be used to inform decisions and track trends.

Board member Suber asked for the information on housing inventory, not just the utilization numbers.

VI. Emergency Solutions Grant
The presentation on the update to the Emergency Solutions Grant funding was tabled until the next meeting.
VII. New Business

A) Update on HUD VASH vouchers for Veterans
Board member Peters stated that the currently 263 veterans are in housing because of a VASH housing voucher and another 54 are searching for housing. Also San Francisco got awarded another 200 vouchers.

B) Other
The Mayor’s Office on Housing will do a presentation on the housing pipeline at the May meeting.

The shelter hearing being called by Supervisor Jane Kim will take place on April 5th. The LHCB would like an update on the outcome of the hearing.

The co-chairs would like to get a meeting with the Mayor and will seek assistance from Bevan Dufty to help make this happen.

VII. Adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at 12:35pm.

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