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June 4, 2012

Full Board - June 4, 2012

Full Board
June 4, 2012
170 Otis St. Born Auditorium



I. Introduction – 5 min

II. Minutes from May 7, 2012 (Action) – 5 min

III. Update from Mayor’s HOPE Office- 10 min



    A) Standing agenda item for Bevan Dufty, Director of HOPE, Mayor’s Office

IV. New Business (Discussion and Possible Action) – 10 min



    A) San Francisco Shelter Workgroup 
    B) Annual LHCB Co-Chair Elections

V. Old Business (Discussion and Possible Action)- 45min



    A) Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG): Bruce Ito from the Mayor’s Office of Housing will present an update on Substantial Amendment to the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)



    B) Update on the San Francisco Unified School District Families and Youth in Transition Services: Salvador Lopez Barr, of the San Francisco Unified School District will present on his role as the youth in transition liaison that provides services to homeless and at risk youth and families in the school district 

    C) Review of Last Year’s Annual McKinney-Vento Application Score: Jason Satterfield from HomeBase will provide an update on the San Francisco Continuum of Care Application Score.

VI. Public Comment

VII. Adjournment


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