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March 5, 2012

Full Board - March 5, 2012
San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board
Full Board Meeting Minutes
March 5, 2012
Approved April 2, 2012

Members Present: Christine Ma; Wendy Phillips; Rae Suber; Kevin Sharps; Kim Armbruster; Joanne Peters

Members Absent: Richard Springwater; Erick Brown; Laura Guzman

I. Introduction:
Meeting was started at 11:08am

II. Minute
Motion made to approve the minutes from February 6, 2012.
M/S/C (Phillips/Armruster/Unanimous; one abstention)

IV. Update on Family Homelessness (agenda item was moved ahead of agenda item III)

Cindy Ward of the Human Services Agency presented an update on family homelessness in San Francisco. Cindy’s update centered around the housing of families that has taken place because of the “Home for the Holidays”. Her update included information about the funding provided by the SalesForce Foundation and the City, which totaled about $3 million. Through this funding Hamilton has provided housing for 32 families and enrolled another 61 on the subsidy program. CCCYO has placed 12 families a the STAR Community Home and there has been staff added to Connecting Point and Homeless Prenatal. There has also been work done with the San Francisco Housing Authority which has resulted in 41 families receiving unit offers and 35 families moving in with another 6 refusing offers. (it was noted that the refusal might be a result of the place of the units, which are all in the “big four”)

The success of Home for the Holidays has been great. There has been a drop in the Connecting Point waitlist. However it was noted that the funding is time limited.

Board Member Ma asked if there was a reason why it took the Housing Authority so long to make the vacant units available since this recent placement of families did not include any new funding. She also asked if the work with the Housing Authority will continue.

Ms. Ward stated that she did not know why it was now that the SFHA made the units available, it may have had to do with the media attention and additional political will. She also stated that as of now the SFHA has said they will continue to work towards housing homeless families and Cindy has a direct contact at the SFHA she is working with.

Board Member Ma also asked if other families on the SFHA were displaced in order to house the homeless families and if there is case management offered to these newly housed families.

Ms. Ward stated that it did displace in order to house the first group of families, but after that the families were chosen based on the current priority points system.
And there is not case management offered by the SFHA, however homeless prenatal provides after care. Also for the participants getting subsidies with Hamilton Family Center they also get case management.

Public Comment:
Devra from Hamilton expressed gratitude towards Human Services Agency, Salesforce, and the community for galvanizing around this issue.

III. Introduction and welcome of Mayor’s HOPE Team.
Bevan Dufty was introduced; he is the director of the Mayor’s HOPE team. He talked about his background work in politics, his aspirations in his new role, and some of the issues that he and his office will be working on. He also spoke about his desire to work closely with the LHCB and attend the monthly meetings.
Some of the issues that he would like to address are: transparency; looking at all forms of City sponsored housing; coordinating with the SF Housing Authority on preference points, vacant units, and involvement of community members in decisions. He also wants to look at the harm reduction model and wet housing. In addition take a look at the 10 Year Plan and also gain more public awareness and education on the issue of homelessness and housing. Mr. Dufty introduced the additional staff members that are on his team.

Board Member Phillips thanked Mr. Dufty for coming and is excited about the working partnership. She asked him if the idea was to find a new site for wet housing, or replace a current program? She noted the need to preserve current DPH DAH housing.
He replied and said the idea would be to get a new facility.

Board member Peters commented that the VA is interested in wet housing. Mr. Dufty said he had a recent meeting with the VA and was encouraged by it.

Board member Sharps asked about the impact of dissolving the Redevelopment Agency.
Mr. Dufty said that the Mayor’s Office on Housing is absorbing a lot of the work. He also mentioned that there is legislation being worked on for a housing trust fund.

Public Comment:
Karen from ECS thanked Beven Dufty for being at the meeting and she recognized the work of the community via the LHCB and its committees. She also recommended that there not be a separate body for the Ten Year Plan.

Phil Clark of ECS said that there are several programs in London that use wet houses and they should be looked at as examples to learn from.

Charles Pitts asked if there will be public meetings where the voice of the homeless can be heard. He also asked about the Ten Year Planning Council and the Homeless Outreach Team. He stated he feels that people are falling through the cracks. He also asked if Mr. Dufty has any plans to look at discharges from hospitals and jails.

Mr. Dufty replied that he plans on being available and accessible and that he will be attending all the monthly meetings of the LHCB. He is also going to be going to the public housing sites. In addition he has talked to the HOT team and the hospital council. Finally he suggested that Wendy Still of adult probation come to the next LHCB meeting to discuss her work and how it pertains to homelessness and discharge/re-entry.

V. Continuum of Care Check Up Results
Jason from Homebase reviewed the results of the Continuum of Care (CoC) Check up. This check up was a survey completed by chosen service providers who are a part of the SF CoC. HUD mandated that each CoC complete this assessment. The results were reviewed at the most recent HEARTH workgroup. This workgroup looked at the results and based on areas of need created some suggested action steps to move forward on.
Jason reviewed with the LHCB members the lowest and highest scores from the survey. Then walked through the discussion points from the HEARTH meeting and the action steps that will be included in the “action plan” that each CoC needs to submit to HUD. The action plan is due to HUD in the next few weeks. Once the action plan is submitted the CoC will be eligible for HUD technical assistance.

Board Member Ma asked for clarification on whom the stakeholders were that completed the survey. She noted that there was no consumer involvement. She greed that this is a point in the action plan that needs to be emphasized. She also wants the action plan to address discharge planning.

Board member Phillips wants the action plan to include work on a coordinated data base to assist in housing access, but also speak to the need of neighborhood specific services.

Board member Suber suggested a focus group model be used to gather input from consumers.

Public Comment:
Amanda from the Mayor’s office offered assistance in follow through of presented goals and action steps.

Devra from Hamilton stated that the LHCB should look at other Bay Area CoCs to see how they do centralized intake or coordinated access to housing.

Jennifer from the Coalition on Homelessness stated that in the action plan she wants an emphasis on housing access and access to shelter. There is a distinction between centralized information and centralized access which sometimes can limit where people enter. However streamlined information is important. She also recommended more consumer voice in processes.

Karen from ECS talked about including a systems evaluation in the action plan. She also agreed with the importance of evaluating shelter access because that impacts the success the CoC will have in accomplishing the HEARTH goals (ie: reducing homelessness, length of time homeless, etc).

Charles Pitts stated there is a failure in the shelter system and the housing system. These systems of care are not helping people put their lives together. He had a suggestion that a manual be made on how to help people get housed.

Devra from Hamilton said that centralized intake is important but assessment is also very important and that it should be included in the action plan as something to focus on.

The next steps are to submit the action plan (as reviewed at this meeting, including the themes and suggestions stated) to HUD.

Motion made to approve submitting the draft action plan as reviewed at this meeting including suggestions presented.
M/S/C (Phillips/Ma/Unanimous)

VI. New Business
A) Update from the Workforce Investment Community Advisory Committee Rep
Phil Clark, representative to the WICAC reviewed the work that has been to done to date by the LHCB sponsored employment roundtable and also the WICAC. The WICAC will be having a one day retreat in April with the goal of crafting a workplan. He also stated the desire to move forward on other stated goals of the roundtable such as cultural competency trainings at the One Stop and the meeting with Human Services Agency and OEWD.
Finally he noted that there are 4 seats on the WICAC up for re-appointment and the next WISF meeting has been cancelled.

Public Comment:
Charles Pitts stated that he wants more emphasis put on volunteering.

B) LHCB Agendas and Quarterly workplan
Ali, staff to the LHCB, presented a document that included a potential workplan for March, April, and May. The document included possible agenda items for the Full Board, Funding Committee, Policy Committee, and HEARTH workgroup. The workplan also includes trainings being hosted by LHCB staff and Homebase along with preparation work for the McKinney application Exhibit One.

Public Comment:
Karen from ECS suggested that the discussion about the pipeline be moved to April

VII. General Public Comment

VIII. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

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