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May 7, 2012

Full Board - May 7, 2012





Full Board

May 7, 2012


170 Otis St. Born Auditorium


Note: Public Comment will be taken after each agenda item. The public comment has to pertain to that agenda item and will last 2 minutes in length. General public comment is taken at the end of the meeting.


I.                   Introduction – 5 min


II.                Minutes from April 2, 2012 (Action) – 5 min


III.             Update from Mayor’s HOPE Office- 10 min

A)    Standing agenda item for Bevan Dufty, Director of HOPE, Mayor’s Office


IV.              Presentation from Workforce Development (Discussion) – 30min

A)    Information from HSA Workforce Development Department and the Mayor’s Office on Economic and Workforce Development on homelessness and employment and training


V.                 New Business (Discussion and Possible Action)- 45 min

A)    Presentation: Mayor’s Office on Housing: Housing Pipeline

B)     Presentation on a report regarding the City’s Sit/Lie Ordinance

C)    Information on San Francisco Housing Authority’s Annual Plan process and their position on use of preference points

D)    Other


VI.              Old Business (Discussion and Possible Action)- 20min

A)    Mayor’s Office of Community Development: Update on HUD Substantial Amendment to ESG Grant

B)     Other



VII.           Public Comment


VIII.        Adjournment

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