Lifelines Council

  • Lifelines are the systems and facilities that provide services vital to the function of an industrialized society and important to the emergency response and recovery  after a natural disaster. These systems and facilities include communication, electric power, liquid fuel, natural gas, transportation (airports, highways, ports, rail and transit), water, and wastewater.

                    -  American Society of Civil Engineering Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE), 2009

    Naomi Kelly, City Administrator, General Services Agency

    Chris Poland, Chair, NEHRP ACEHR and Co-Chair, SPUR Resilient Cities Initiative



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    Membership will consist of Executive Officers and Senior-level operational deputies of local and regional lifelines providers. For a list of current attendees, please see the Member Organizations page. 

    Scope and Purpose

    The City and County of San Francisco will convene a Lifelines Council under the ResilientSF Initiative with a purpose and scope focused on post-disaster reconstruction and recovery. The Lifelines Council seeks to:

    • Develop and improve collaboration in the City and across the region.
    • Understand inter-system dependencies to enhance planning, restoration and reconstruction.
    • Share information about recovery plans, projects and priorities.
    • Establish coordination processes for lifeline restoration and recovery following a major disaster event.

    Member Organizations:

    City and County of San Francisco
    General Services Agency
    Department of Real Estate
    Department of Emergency Management
    Department of Public Works
    Department of Technology
    Capital Planning Program
    San Francisco Fire Department
    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
    Pacific Gas & Electric




    San Francisco International Airport
    San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority
    Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District
    Port of San Francisco
    San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority
    Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
    Metropolitan Transportation Commission
    Union Pacific Railroad

    Other Essential Services:

    Recology (Norcal)
    BARfirst Financial Institution Coalition
    Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)

    Partners and Advisors:

    California Public Utilities Commission
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Chris Barkley, URS, SPUR Resilient Cities
    Sarah Karlinsky, SPUR Resilient Cities
    Dutch Leonard, Harvard Kennedy School
    Arrietta Chakos, Harvard Kennedy School
    Laurie Johnson, Ph.D. Recovery Advisor