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Homeless Veterans: Mayor Announces Legislation to Expand Veteran Housing

September 23, 2014

Homeless Veterans: Mayor Announces Legislation to Expand Veteran HousingMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced legislation for the City to lease a 136-unit building at 250 Kearny Street in the Financial District that will put San Francisco within reach of ending chronic veteran’s homelessness.

“Earlier this year, I accepted President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s challenge to end chronic veterans homelessness,” said Mayor Lee. “With the new facility at 250 Kearny, San Francisco will be closer than ever to reaching our ambitious goal by the end of 2015, and I welcome additional support from and the technology sector to partner with San Francisco to end veteran’s homelessness once and for all.” Read more.

Public Transportation: Mayor Announces Investment in Next Generation Muni Light Rail

September 19, 2014

Public Transportation: Mayor Announces Investment in Next Generation Muni Light RailMayor Edwin M. Lee today joined by members of the Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to award Siemens a contract to manufacture Muni’s next generation of light rail vehicles. The contract for $648 million will add 175 new and improved Muni light rail vehicles to the fleet that will improve reliability and safety. Siemens will manufacture the vehicles in their Sacramento facility with the first cars operational by the end of 2016. Options are in place for an additional 85 cars, bringing the overall total to 260 cars.

“Today, we are truly moving Muni forward. By expanding San Francisco’s light rail fleet, these new Siemens vehicles will make our City’s public transportation system more reliable, easier to maintain, and ready to meet the demands of a growing City,” said Mayor Lee. “This November, voters have the opportunity to approve a $500 million transportation bond that will provide critical infrastructure improvements that will also improve reliability, frequency and safety even before these new trains arrive. In addition, these new vehicles will be built right here in California, bringing jobs to our regional...

Economic Development: Mayor Launches LatinSF Initiative

September 9, 2014

Economic Development: Mayor Launches LatinSF InitiativeMayor Edwin M. Lee today officially launched the LatinSF economic development initiative at Silicon Valley Day in Mexico City as part of his official trade mission to Latin America. Modeled after the groundbreaking China-San Francisco economic development initiative ChinaSF, LatinSF is a new economic development initiative to promote business and trade between San Francisco and Latin America by attracting Latin American companies to San Francisco and helping San Francisco firms expand in the Latin American markets. The new initiative will support and boost San Francisco’s economy by creating a comprehensive international business recruitment, expansion and retention strategy.

“We can never take our economic recovery and expansion for granted and LatinSF is another way in which we are diversifying our economy, attracting new companies and jobs to our City and creating opportunities for San Francisco-based businesses around the world,” said Mayor Lee. “San Francisco has much to offer companies from Latin America, including a highly educated workforce, access to the largest venture capital community in the United States, and international connectivity to China, Asia and beyond. With the...

Emergency Planning: September is Our National Preparedness Month

September 5, 2014
Emergency Planning: September is Our National Preparedness MonthNational Preparedness Month is designed to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. Whether it's September or any other month of the year, disaster can strike at any time without warning. 
During National Preparedness Month we ask you, your family, community and workplace to take action by planning a National Prepare Action Day on or around September 30th. 
Learn how to develop a disaster plan and decide where you and your family will meet in the event of an emergency. Gather emergency supplies that you are able to grab if you must leave your home in a hurry. To be better prepared, you can find excellent tools and information on the following websites:

Housing Program: Mayor Announces Funding for Affordable Rental Units

August 11, 2014

MAYOR LEE ANNOUNCES FUNDING FOR SMALL SITE ACQUISITION PROGRAM TO PROTECT LONGTIME SAN FRANCISCO TENANTSMayor Edwin M. Lee announced funding   availability for acquisition and rehabilitation financing for the multi-family rental buildings of 5-25 units through the new Small Sites Program. This funding will help stabilize buildings that are occupied by low to moderate income tenants throughout San Francisco that are particularly susceptible to evictions and rising rents. An initial $3 million is being made available with additional funding expected to be released during the program’s first year.

“Real estate speculation and rising rents have contributed to displacement of San Franciscans across our City,” said Mayor Lee. “We need to stabilize our neighborhoods that are vulnerable to gentrification and expand the safety net for San Franciscans at risk of eviction and displacement. This program is a part of our comprehensive plan to protect and stabilize our housing stock. With the purchase of already occupied units, we can preserve their affordability over the long-term. The Small Sites Program offers a way to create certainty for our longtime San Francisco families and rent-controlled households, ensuring they have a safe, affordable...


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