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Veterans' Housing: Mayor Announces Increased Funding for Homeless Veterans

August 17, 2015

Veterans HousingToday Mayor Edwin M. Lee and U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has granted a City request to waive payment standards used to calculate the value of rental vouchers provided to homeless veterans. The waiver in HUD’s Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program will allow the City to increase the value of rental vouchers provided to San Francisco veterans, so that they have more housing options and will speed the placement of veterans in stable, secure and safe homes in San Francisco.

“Increasing housing vouchers and streamlining the process means we can get our veterans housed faster,” said Mayor Lee. “Our work is not done, as we know that every day, more veterans tragically fall into homelessness. But, we are setting up the proper systems to quickly aid our Nation’s heroes who fall on bad times. Working closely with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, other Federal partners, local non-profit service providers, the business community and small and large property owners, we will continue to ensure that our veterans who have served honorably and made tremendous sacrifices do not find themselves living on our streets.”

Gov Transparency: Mayor Expands Access to City Open data

July 31, 2015

Gov Transparency: Mayor Expands Access to City Open dataMayor Edwin M. Lee today unveiled the City’s updated Open Data Strategy to ensure City data is readily available so that entrepreneurs and residents can use it to improve services, generate jobs and economic activity and increase resident engagement and empowerment.

“Data is driving the economy of the future,” said Mayor Lee. “Our goal is to position San Francisco as a City that both feeds and participates in the emerging data economy. This updated plan will ensure a steady supply of high-quality, well-documented data but also finding new and creative ways for leveraging the City’s data. Not only will we continue to open our data so that others can create new value from it, we will continue to transform how we use data within the City to ensure our services meet the needs of our residents and businesses.”

Emergency Funding: Mayor Announces $8 Million Federal Grants to Improve Emergency Services

July 31, 2015

Emergency Funding: Mayor Announces $8 Million Federal Grants to Improve Emergency ServicesMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) was awarded an $8.2 million Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to hire 36 additional firefighters.  

“This new Federal funding invests in the growth and success of our City,” said Mayor Lee. “With 36 new firefighters, our public safety personnel can keep our growing City safe, and at the same time prepare for emergencies and disasters. I thank FEMA for these additional resources to help San Francisco provide unparalleled fire and emergency medical services to all of our residents.” Read more.

Green City: Mayor Announces Use of Renewable Fuel in City Fleet

July 21, 2015

Green City: Mayor Announces Use of Renewable Fuel in City Fleet  Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced that San Francisco will leapfrog its efforts to protect the climate from harmful effects of diesel emissions by phasing out the use of petroleum diesel in the municipal fleet and replacing it with renewable diesel by the end of this year.

“By changing our fleet’s fuel from petroleum to renewable diesel, we’re taking action that is good for the global climate, and at the same time promotes environmental justice in our community by leading to cleaner, healthier air for some of our most vulnerable neighborhoods,” said Mayor Lee. “And, because of the State and Federal governments’ incentives to producers to manufacture low carbon fuels, this switch can potentially reduce our City’s fuel costs. The City of Saint Francis is answering the Pope’s call for local action on global climate change.” Read more.

Housing Policy: Mayor Announces Office of Short Term Rental

July 2, 2015

Housing Policy: Mayor Announces Office of Short Term RentalMayor Edwin M. Lee today announced the creation of the new Office of Short-Term Rental Administration and Enforcement, funded in the Mayor’s FY 15-17 budget, to create a “one-stop” shop and centralized location to streamline applications for the City’s short-term rental registry and more aggressively coordinate complaints and enforcement of the City’s short-term rental regulations. 

“Many San Franciscans can afford to stay in our City because they rent out their home or spare bedroom occasionally,” said Mayor Lee. “The short-term rental of a primary residence brings in extra money for many families and residents and brings new visitors and tourists to our neighborhood small businesses, but we have regulations in place to protect our housing supply and neighborhood character. This new centralized ‘one-stop’ shop will streamline the registration process for the vast majority of law-abiding residents and coordinate aggressive enforcement against those who ignore or violate our short-term rental regulations.” Read more.


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