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Office of Contract Administration
General Services Agency
City Hall, Room 430
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 554-6743
Fax: (415) 554-6717

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday (exluding holidays), 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

OCA Management Team
Jaci Fong, Director and Purchaser, 415-554-6743
Robert Henning, Assistant Director, 415-554-6212
Alaric Degrafinried, Assistant Director, 415-554-6714
Whitney Bagby, Principal Analyst II, 415-554-3166
Darlene Frohm, Supervising Purchaser (DPW), 415-695-2124
Galen Leung, Supervising Purchaser (AIR) 650-821-2848
Lin Repola, Supervising Purchaser, 415-554-4564
Bill Gainey, Supervising Purchaser, 415-554-7799
Purchasing Staff/Central Office
Brittany Bianchi, Senior Purchaser, 415-554-6963
David Broekelschen, Assistant Purchaser (Intern), 415-554-5113
Paul Cheng, Purchaser, 415-554-6732
Connie Dantes, Administration, 415-554-6966
Victoria Falcon, Assistant Purchaser (Intern), 415-554-6734
Mark Farley, Purchaser, 415-554-6257
Diane Handa, Purchaser (IT), 415-554-6913
Bill Jones, Purchasing and Contracts, 415-554-6730
Florence Kyaun, Sr. Administrative Analyst, 415-554-6263
Marcus Lange, Sr. Administrative Analyst, 415-554-4751
Yulei (Constance) Liu, Assistant Purchaser (Intern), 415-554-6217
Dan McKenna, Contracts (Central Shops), 415-554-5113
Nelson Mendoza, Senior Purchaser, 415-554-6248
Shawn Peeters, Senior Purchaser (IT), 415-554-7030
Jennifer Peloso, Administration, 415-554-4573
Daniel Sanchez, Purchaser, 415-554-6735
Howard Tevelson, Senior Purchaser, 415-554-6740
William Tsang, Assistant Purchaser (Intern), 415-554-6258
Albie Udom, Senior Contract Analyst, 415-554-6751
Richelle Valencia, Administration, 415-554-6736
Deborah Wells, Purchaser, 415-554-6264
Umiika Wright, Senior Purchaser, 415-554-7873
Purchasing Staff/Airport
Maria Sio, Acting Senior Purchaser, 650-821-2845
Gwen Williams, Senior Purchaser, 415-701-4215
David Kim, Purchaser, 650-821-2864
Purchasing Staff/Dept. Public Works
Darlene Frohm, Supervising Purchaser, 415-695-2124
Purchasing Staff/Public Utilities Commission
Abby Fard, Senior Purchaser, 415-551-2971
Evan Magante, Purchaser, 415-487-5267
Carolyn Sladnick, Senior Purchaser, 415-554-3266
Purchasing Staff/Municipal Transportation Agency
Gloria Gill, Purchaser, 415-701-4705
Hermilo Rodis, Senior Purchaser, 415-557-5538
Carmen Omran, Purchaser, 415-206-7151
Purchasing Staff/Real Estate
Mike Ward, Contracts, 415-554-9870
Purchasing Staff/SF General Hospital
Pamela Olivier, Senior Purchaser, 415-206-6955