Office of Citizen Complaints

Policy Recommendations

Reference: 861-96

SUBJECT: Implement Recommendations from Custody Death Task Force.

In May 1996, a report was issued by the Custody Death Task Force related to safe positioning and transportation of arrestees. Included in this report were recommendations regarding the purchase of equipment to safely transport arrestees, development of new training regarding First Aid and CPR, and the development of a data base to record and monitor incidents of in-custody death. Several recommendations that were adopted in principle by the San Francisco Police Commission and recommended by the San Francisco Police Department itself have not been acted upon. It is recommended that those items be acted upon immediately.

Case Investigated by: MIKE KLOSS, Investigator
BLANCHE BLACHMAN, Senior Investigator
Reviewed by: ROBERT JANISSE, Chief Investigator
Approved by: MARY C. DUNLAP, Director
Date: June 23, 1998

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