Community Ambassadors Program

What is the Community Ambassadors Program?

The Community Ambassadors Program is a safety program designed to bridge tensions in the community due to cultural or linguistic differences. Administered by the Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA), a division of the City Administrator’s Office, this program was initiated by community leaders and advocates concerned about public safety and is a partnership with the Omega Boys Club, SFPD, MTA, Mayor’s Office, OCEIA and community-based organizations, with partial program support from the Lennar Corporation.

OCEIA currently manages Community Ambassador teams in four key areas of San Francisco: Southeast neighborhoods (Visitacion Valley, Bayview, Portola), Mid-Market/Tenderloin, Chinatown and the Mission.

Southeast Neighborhoods Team


CAP District 10 Neighborhoods Team

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CAP Central Market Team

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Mission Team

CAP Mission Team

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Chinatown Team

Chinatown Community Ambassador Team photo

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