About Smart Money Network

The landscape of financial education services in San Francisco is broad, with multiple organizations offering services for diverse populations. While clients benefit, there is a lack of coordination, standardization and evaluation across the local sector. Until recently, there has been little effort to bring together the many resources and organizations committed to promoting financial education.

In 2009, The San Francisco Treasurer’s Office of Financial Empowerment and the Charles Schwab Foundation convened a working group of local stakeholders and experts in financial education to share their reflections on the current state of the field at the local level and to create a collaborative vision for the future of financial education services in San Francisco.

From these convenings the San Francisco Smart Money Network (SF-SMN) was developed as a collaborative group of nonprofit service providers, philanthropic funders, and local public sector representatives dedicated to improving the provision of financial education services in the city. To further hone the Network’s direction, the SF-SMN commissioned the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank to conduct a study of local needs and promising practices which continue to guide the Network today.

SF-SMN centralizes access to financial services, fosters learning communities among financial education providers, and raises public awareness about issues in the field.