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In partnership with the 1:1 Fund, Kindergarten to College is now raising dollars for matching incentives.  Local business and foundation support will be critical to this process. By partnering with the 1:1 Fund, local supporters can make tax-deductible donations that will be used to encourage K2C students saving and striving for college.

Donations can be accepted for Kindergarten to College via K2CFundraise.


The K2C college savings program is seeking parents/guardians of children attending a SFUSD elementary school as well as community members to help us engage with families in the K2C program. Here are some ways you can help: 

K2C School Ambassador:  School Ambassadors are school staff at each SFUSD elementary school. They serve as a point of contact at an SFUSD school ensuring that parents have the proper resources and support to engage their K2C accounts. 

K2C Community Ambassador: Community Ambassadors help spread awareness of K2C to the general community and support K2C events.  

If you are interested in getting involved, email K2C Community Engagement Manager Bashir Algaheim at

Request a Bank Field Trip

   K2C Field Trip

K2C is offering bank field trips for groups of up to 22 students, parents, and SFUSD classrooms at a local Citibank branch. On the field trip, students will learn about banks, receive a tour, and will have the opportunity to make a contribution to their K2C college savings account. 

K2C is currently accepting field trip requests during the school year for for the following dates/times.

Fall 2017
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays
10:15am-11:15am or from 1pm-2pm 

Spring 2018 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays
10:15am-11:15am or from 1pm-2pm 

Field Trip Request Form

K2C Brochures Request

K2C Ambassadors/volunteers, and Community Organizations can request K2C materials for distribution in their schools. The requested material will be delivered to the specified school, c/o the person making the request. 

To submit a request: Click here

If you are an individual seeking K2C resources, please see our website at or contact us at