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CleanPowerSF is San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation program administered by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). CleanPowerSF was created pursuant to state legislation that authorizes local governments to partner with their investor-owned utility (PG&E in San Francisco) to deliver cleaner energy to residents and businesses.

CleanPowerSF supplies a cleaner electricity supply to customers, while PG&E continues to deliver that energy using its existing infrastructure. Currently, about 30% of the electricity delivered by PG&E is Renewable; the other 70% is from nuclear, natural gas, and other non-Renewable sources. CleanPowerSF offers two services with a higher percentage of the energy from cleaner sources, such as solar and wind: Green, which contains 40% Renewable energy, and SuperGreen, which contains 100% Renewable energy.

Customers are automatically enrolled in the Green service, and may elect to opt up to receive the SuperGreen service at any time after enrollment.  By law, CleanPowerSF is an opt-out program, meaning eligible customers will be automatically enrolled in the program when it is offered in their area. Customers can choose to enroll at any time, even if their neighborhood has not yet been automatically enrolled.

The chart below shows the total number of active Green and SuperGreen services per month. CleanPowerSF aims to enroll 95% of all eligible customers in Green and 5% in SuperGreen services by May 2019.

Active Enrolled Green and SuperGreen Services in CleanPowerSF


CleanPowerSF began delivering cleaner energy to San Francisco neighborhoods in May 2016. CleanPowerSF will enroll San Francisco neighborhoods in phases, with a target of enrolling 100% of eligible accounts by May 2019, or sooner, if possible. CleanPowerSF has surpassed their Phase 1 plan to enroll 75,000 customers by 2018: at the end of FY2016-17, 76,055 (20% of all eligible) customers were enrolled in CleanPowerSF.

To remain on timeline, small quarterly enrollments will occur in July, October and January of FY2017-18, and a major enrollment is planned for May 2018.

CleanPowerSF has set a target for the default Green service to achieve the California Energy Commission’s requirement that all electricity retailers provide 33% of power from eligible renewable resources by 2020. CleanPowerSF is above that target, as the Green service is currently 40% renewable energy.


The number of eligible and participating service is derived from regular reports provided by PG&E and verified by SFPUC staff. 


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